When in Doubt, Blame the Brown People.

There has to be a bad guy, there has to be a face of evil, we need that concentrated source, we have to have a villain… Otherwise we would share in the blame.  We would share in the fault, the creation of a power vacuum, and the growth of an elite ruling class so far removed as to have forsaken any trace of human faculties or characteristics.

Thus the emergence of immigration as a deterministic factor in the reasoning for the fall of the American manufacturing system, not corporate greed with bottom line spending that took disposable income from the people and sent it to semi slave labor South America and China. Immigration as the reasoning for the slow growth of jobs in the private sector or entrepreneurial ventures, not “trickle down” economics that have throughout history shown a capitalistic tendency to search for the cheapest labor available regardless of human rights to keep costs low and profits high for the few.

Immigration as the reasoning for the reduction in domestic variety and slow innovation, not a society that has adopted an apathetic or even creationist view toward the sciences in education while being fed gadgets and toys made by the lowest bidder. Countries desperate to innovate and grow such as South Korea have left us behind, they now boast an average internet connectivity speed almost 4 times that of the United States.

The previous points aside, I wish to point towards an interesting paradox, a paradox of love and passion for our fellows, so supposedly and aptly preached by gentle jesus meek and mild.  These laws, common with almost all biblical interpretation, seem to be lesser in their divine implication than the laws of modern borders and nationalism.  An interesting paradox indeed you might say, a common and clearly rampant suspension of the laws of the savior of man for the greed driven comfort of materialism and economic superiority.

The majority of those who wish to enter the mainland of the United States are of devout christian faith, the catholic mother Mary enshrined upon the face of their lives with extreme prejudice.  Yet our conservative political parties vehemently cast reproach towards the incoming and current illegals as if they were worse than the ever growing atheist and agnostic population.  One far more dangerous to their views and policy than poor families risking life and freedom to escape the tyrannies of cartels.

I try to understand the apathy displayed by the opponents of immigration when economic means were abundant and plentiful, when the burgeoning world markets were just opening to the lightning fast global communication networks.  Apathy towards the influx of Latin American populations while the innovation displayed by a scientific community filled with an almost monopolistic access to the greatest communication tools ever conceived produced enough profits to hide the strain on the system by the new poverty level consumers.

With Moore’s Law reaching a head the almost uniformly christian conservative arm of the political system sought to find a face upon which to place the blame of their greed, to levy the crimes of Wall Street with banks so big they could not fail, and to misdirect the attention of the populace as they maneuvered assets to tax free neutral locations further bleeding the people who built them.

So with this American conservatives clutch their 30 pieces of silver as they cast the poor faithful to the cross they so lovingly bow down before.


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