Will the Real Moderate Muslims Please Stand Up?


Since my first post was against The Catholic Church, I think it’s only fair that I show equality to all religions.

As a young boy I saw around 1 million people marching against the Iraq war in London, many of them Muslim, it was the first time I ever saw Muslims marching in their droves for peace. What is striking about this – and what is the topic of intrigue today – I have yet to see that since. It’s not like there hasn’t been reason to, the list of atrocities to stand against is staggering; some of them against Muslims, but most of them by Muslims.

September 11th 2001 seemed to shock the world into two groups, anti-Islam and pro-Islam; sadly pro Islam have used education and propaganda so well that anything anti-Islam is known as “Islamophobia” or “racism” (Islam is not a race & although “Islamophobia” is not yet a word, believe me, it soon will be).

Let me explain why this word – unofficial as of yet – but often used, is asinine.


Noun – an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.

Is it irrational to be afraid of any of these?

So is it irrational to fear this? I think not. Would any Muslim find it irrational to be afraid of a group of 112 million people who wanted to commit nasty crimes against them? We are told Muslims are utterly afraid of and despise Israel, considering there are only about 15 million Jews worldwide – I would find that most irrational indeed – but if you dare times that by 10 and turn it back on Muslims it suddenly becomes racist or Islamophobia? I am sorry, it may work on leftists who are worried of offending anything including their own shadow, but not I. I am a leftist that will stand against this nonsense.

At the behest of people thinking I am being harsh on Islam, do not worry, I will find time for other faiths in the coming months.

I firmly believe that some faiths are troubling, some are harmless and some are extremely divisive; I place Islam in the latter. As Bill Maher once said “Some religions are like herpes and some are like cancer.” Have a guess which one he was talking about.

You don’t have to look too far back in history to find an exact replica of the Muslim extremism that permeates today, Christianity has hundreds of years of death and destruction behind it – but that is exactly where it is, behind it. Christianity has now become a religion made up of people who mostly follow due to parental tradition; many don’t know one sentence from the Sermon on the Mount (other than what they can recall the Monty Python scene)

Frankly, whatever religion or non-belief you cling to, I’m sure we can all be honest and say that when Anders Breivik killed 77 people (mostly teenagers) in 2011, we were shocked not only by the horrible nature and the way he carried out the crime, live on television – but the fact that he wasn’t Islamic. When the news reporter explained he was a Christian, I honestly thought they had made a mistake. News reports all year round since my childhood, more often than not have one thing in common: the story is read aloud, an image of a Muslim is shown, then one Muslim “scholar” says he condemns it, and then we wait for the next terrorist attack in the coming weeks – where are the rest of these Muslims? Where is the outrage in the Muslim community?

I am as liberal as they come, I believe in pro-choice; I think weed and prostitution should be legal – although I wouldn’t want my children to partake in it. With this in mind I am called out as an Islamophobe by my own ranks for speaking out against Islam. I can mention the last pope who specifically covered up child abuse with no issue, but if I dare mention that Mohammed married a 6 year old girl and fucked her when she was 9 (I mean consummated when she was 9) then I have suddenly crossed a line – did you feel the tension in the room?

The problem is the only people speaking for Islam are the 7% of “radicals”, they are loud enough, they know how to be noticed; the other 93% are either cowardly silent or not interested in the crimes committed by Islam every day. Can you think of 2 crimes done in the name of Islam in the last year? I bet you can. Can you remember the millions of Muslims that marched against that atrocity? No? How about thousands of Muslims that marched? No? You are now seeing what I see.

Any school shooting in the US will be followed by around one thousand humans standing with candles and crying over the loss; a woman is stoned or whipped to death for getting into a car in the middle-east and… Silence, you can almost hear a mouse fart. You’ll see more outrage by Christians with actual morals than by Muslims.

Ever heard “there are no atheists in fox holes”? (I know it is stupidly incorrect) well I think a new saying is needed. “All peaceful Muslims are hiding in holes” or “Is it a blue moon, or is that a moderate Muslim?” (Writing catchphrases was never my thing)

Where are these “moderate Muslims”? I know they exist, my corner shop is run by Muslims (go figure) and they are lovely, they treat me nicer than the Chinese people in the chippy do (Fish & Chip Shop). I talk to so called moderate Muslims all the time online, the internet is full of them, telling me I read their book wrong and they are in fact peaceful, but when I show them verses of violence or ask them what the penalty for apostasy is they go quiet. When will the hundreds of millions of Muslims stand up say “ENOUGH!”?


If one Muslim authority on the BBC can say “we condemn this” and expect us to believe he speaks for the Muslim world, why can’t the “we” that he is referring to? Why can’t they speak for themselves? Where are the millions of Muslim protesters fighting for human rights? Where are the millions of Muslim women walking in bikinis and high heels protesting against misogyny and rape culture, holding signs saying “wearing a bikini doesn’t mean I am asking for it!” like western women do? Where are the millions of protests against the countless acts of terrorism that happen in the name of the prophet all year round?

Well? Where the hell are they?

There is a reason why when you Google “moderate Muslims” all you find are pages upon pages of cartoons, memes and extremists; because as far as the world is concerned, they do exist – but nobody really knows where they are – and up until 2014 there has never been a confirmed sighting or picture of one.

So will the real moderate Muslims please stand up.

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