An Inability to Act: There is no Planet B

I don’t mean to sound preachy, but I often here words of “action” on climate change, or “new ideas” on recycling. It’s hard enough to fathom that one can live on a planet where facts are suspect; imagine living on one where even without this ideology we fall short of our duties to protect the earth.

The conservative U.S. Christian right-wing seem to have no care for conserving anything but their bank balance, if only they followed some of Jesus’ teaching, maybe we would be in a better place, yes I did just write that. Do you think the fictional character who hung out with whores and fed homeless would deny climate science? Don’t be so bloody stupid.

Some countries in Europe have their act together, in Germany there are bins as you leave the supermarket – where you can dispose of all the cardboard boxes that hold your food. At first this bothered many, but after simply writing down cooking times and oven temperatures on a piece of paper, they soon found it a noble and simple task – it is almost natural in that country to recycle every item that is capable. In the U.K. it is a tad different. Anyone who truly cares the environment is seen as an “eco-warrior” or “tree-huger”, it offends me that we still have this bigotry.
In many countries the religiosity is in perfect ratio with the amount of people who can’t give a damn about the natural world and sustaining it, it baffles me to no end.


I am slowly trying to teach my Father and Brothers how to recycle properly: It took my Father weeks to understand he needed to clean items first (he still only half asses it), he still has yet to master not throwing food into a cardboard bin (all in good time).

My thought is this, money talks. Whenever I mention that there could be a fine incurred if we don’t recycle enough waste, it suddenly becomes important on his radar; I find this would be no different in any other house on my street – due to austerity measures. So why doesn’t the government make it law? I can’t for the life of me figure it out, I know some old tripe bags will shout “Booo” and moan about it, but as we know from Game of Thrones, once this summer is over Winter is Coming, and these old farts will probably not see the end – or just conform, like they did with every other thing they moaned about – like seat belts! To think the world disapproved and moaned about seatbelts! What is wrong with humans? If there is any way of showing our lowly origins – like the apes we are – it is surely our decision making, we truly find ourselves to be the silliest species alive. If an alligator knew eating a certain animal would kill it slowly from the inside out, would it continue? Evolution and observation of tendencies tells us no; So why do humans continue to smoke? Or eat food that will give us bowel cancer?

We have come to a place where we have too much free will, and our minds are too advanced, giving us choices we really need not make.

It should be a law to recycle as much as possible, and any household refusing to do so should be fined a reasonable amount, enough to change their minds but not enough to make them go hungry. It should be a law to fight carbon emissions and fight climate change, if China or the U.S. were fined every quarter for their pollution, it would soon come down. You have to remember these countries are only powerful due to their wealth, and they borrow that from banks. If an international law made banks refuse to lend China money based on their human rights violations – or their increasingly smog filled cities, then things would change in China. Money always talks.

We need to make our politicians do what is right for human survival, whilst making them do what is necessary for the survival of the planet. Other species have no vote in these matters, but they do have a vested interest and who will speak for them if not us?


Religion doesn’t mandate any of these issues so we have to go it alone, yes us, the ones who have no morals unless they are from the good book of laughable lies (Virgin birth – really?).

Next time we go to the ballot box, or the next time we inform our elected officials, try to care less about who they have fucked, or who they dislike, or what sports team they follow, or what religion they adhere to and why (maybe not this last one), if they are red or blue, left or right, front or back (whatever that means) and care more about their intentions. Force them to listen to reason, force them to make real issues the agenda. Maybe elect a women so they can handle going to war AND saving the environment; as we know men are absolutely shite at multi-tasking (I don’t want any more wars, but we all know this won’t change any time soon).

99.9% of all species that have ever lived on this planet didn’t care and most importantly didn’t know about their survival and the eco-system around them – they are all extinct. We know about it, therefore we have no excuse, we must act or we will all die out.

If we act now, and do so together, we may change the course of history, and alter this inability to act.

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