S.E Cupp the “Atheist”

I should have known this would happen. For many years I have seen liars and trolls on message boards and comment sections claiming they too were once atheists who had finally seen the light. A cheap yet cunning ploy to give doubt to any secularist, this type of dishonesty you would only expect from a believer. So I should have known that with evolution (You know evolution, it’s that fact Christians don’t like) the next step would naturally be a satirical and anthropomorphised version, a troll 2.0 if you will. And here we have it.

S. E. Cupp or Sarah Elizabeth as her parents call her – Always be suspicious of someone with two first names, it shows a hereditary inability to make simple decisions, you know, like choosing if you believe in God or not.

It almost sounds like 2.0 wouldn’t be out of place after her name; and the way she robotically agrees with her Fox news counterparts on nearly every subject, shows she also plays the part very well. I wonder how long it will take until she gets her theist operating system downgrade.

I know I am not the first to say it (thanks Jaclyn Glenn – you couldn’t wait a few more weeks could you) but I won’t be the last, this woman is not an atheist.

I will go one step further, as I always do, and call bullshit – she is what I like to call a class A bullshitter.

She states “I don’t believe in God, but I’m not mad at Him.”

You either don’t believe in him, or you believe he is a real thing which you can or cannot be mad at – you cannot believe in both.

I became an atheist because I’m not a joiner. I didn’t want to be part of a club or a group.”

So you’re not a joiner … And to prove it, you joined a group called “atheists”?

You openly admit that you never used reason, logic or critical thinking to decide if you believe in a deity, you just figured it was the cool thing to do. This is not how we determine what is true; this is not a pathway to knowledge. Doesn’t this dark haired, attractive female-conservative, with a lack of mental ability, using illogical, contradicting terms and unbelievably stupid sentences remind you of someone? Cough cough, Alaska.

Not too often, but a good few times I have met some unintelligent atheists: I have met atheists who don’t believe for the absolute wrong reasons (think it’s cool/ default position they have never actually thought about), and ones who are so politically correct that although they don’t believe in a God, they don’t dare speak out against any atrocities in his/her name. But never have I met an atheist that understands the delusion of religion, yet respects and cheers it on, to the point where knowing a delusional character who believes is zombies and angels, makes her feel safer when they are in control of nuclear weapons.

Call me crazy, but if we have Weapons of Mass Destruction (you know WMD’s, it’s the stuff we have lots of – but don’t like our enemies having any) I would want the most rational person to be in charge of them. Spaghetti Monster forbid, imagine if George W. Bush had a nightmare, where Jesus came to him in his sleep and told him to nuke Spain. What would be stopping him? Not a rational mind or any intelligence that’s for sure; he had the brain power of a sun dried tomato.

What does S. E. have to say about all this? Let us find out.

S. E. Cupp said, like believers she, “agree[s] with pretty much all of the Ten Commandments.”

Wow, so she doesn’t believe in God … but she does believe in the first Commandment,

I am the Lord they God”

And the second Commandment

Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.”

So basically she doesn’t believe in God, but she knows he is the only God and believes in no other Gods but him – perfectly logical. If Sarah Palin was an atheist, she would sound like this!

The best quote I have found, and the most telling is as follows:



I envy religious people… I envy the faithful. I would like to be a person of faith, but I’m not there yet…”

When her first sentence is left unspecific it becomes vapid and foul, If specific her first sentence could have made sense; sure, I envy that when I die I know I’m not going to the theme-park in the clouds – and this might give some wilfully ignorant bliss to a believer – something I won’t have, therefore I can see the envy, but then I remember it is false hope and I forget about the envy and go back to pity.

Her second sentence is where we once again meet the Sarah Palin type thought process. Cupp would “like to be a person of faith?” Something I have never heard an atheist say, something I’m pretty sure an atheist should not say; the worst of all are her last few words. I will post them again as they are so poignant.

but I’m not there yet…”

If you’re on your way to a sports game and you call ahead because you’re running late, and say on the phone “I’m nearly there, but I’m not there yet.” This logically supposes that you are in fact heading towards the game, it’s only a matter of time.

Oh and there is more, you would expect someone who doesn’t believe in God – and other such fairytales – to hope to see an atheist in the white house? WRONG!

And you know what? I would never vote for an atheist president. Ever… Because I do not think that someone who represents 5 to 10 % of the population should be representing and thinking that everyone else in the world is crazy, but me.”

She wants a president who has a track record of making big decisions based on no evidence, genius.

I agree there is a small percentage of atheists in the U.S. but what was the percentage of Mormons when her friends at fox news pushed for Romney’s presidency? 1.4%,

What was the percentage of financial buoyancy the 2 pre-Obama presidents resided in? <1%.

What percentage of the US doesn’t know which their left and right hand is? George W Bush didn’t know this, and he got 2 terms!

S. E. Cupp was OK with those minorities, as long as they believed in God – which she doesn’t – kind of.

This woman is the female Stephen Colbert; the only difference is Stephen knows he is a joke. She is using the guise of atheism to pull from both sides, whilst tarnishing atheism in the process – only to later in her career “find God” and make millions more from book deals.

She has used her body and sexuality for her benefit (which I’m all for in this ultra-male dominated society) seriously, how many news anchors get away with images like this? How is it appropriate or relevant to news?



I am no Nostradamus, but I am certain she is a theist in atheist clothing who will soon show her true colours – because nobody with a Masters degree can be that much of an idiot. Pictures like the one above show this woman is smart enough to use her abilities for profit.

You are not an atheist S. E. Cupp, you are a liar, a parody twitter account with tits and legs.

I’m not too sure if the cupp is half empty or half full, but I do know the contents of said cupp is most certainly bullshit. 

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