Take God Out of the Pledge!

As a relatively new atheist, I find myself looking at and questioning the world around me. With such a fresh look at the world around me, figuring out where my stance is on certain issues I never really considered before let alone cared about. Since realizing that there are issues that affect me whether I want them to or not, I am now of the conclusion that I am to do something to help lighten the load of others like minded if I am to be an impact of difference and change. Plus, if I am going to continue living in this reality, it’s got to be one where it’s inclusive of everyone, not a select few. An issue I’ve been thinking about recently is the Pledge of Allegiance. For the majority, it may or may not, seem like such a big deal. To those of us who don’t believe in the Christian god, or any god for that matter, it’s pretty offensive to be forced to give credibility to a deity that has no part of my life; even if I simply wish to pledge my loyalty to the country I love. Having been born in such a great country and one I served for five years, our freedom should not be overridden with a compulsory pledge of faith, a faith we do not all share.

kids-saying-pledgeIn 1954, in an effort to differentiate ourselves from communism, America added “Under God” to combat the Kremlin’s ideals. This was just one of many impulsive acts made for the wrong reasons. A secular approach would have been preferred in maintaining the separation of church and state established by the constitution. I’m not claiming to be a historian on any level but my guess is that we were already of a different thread, set apart from the Russian entity or anything close to being communist. A move back to the original pledge would be very inclusive to ALL of the people of the United States while preserving the tradition of the youthful pledge. Reading earlier on about the second version, not the first or the third (current) version I learned something I didn’t know before; The Knights of Columbus lobbied for the most recent change and they are a Catholic based organization. Check out this great resource for all things PLEDGE


Quite honestly, in a step to unify the country, the pledge should go back to the second version to include ALL who live here. Not sure why it would needed to have been changed in the first place, its as if somehow not believing in the Christian god made a person living in America unpatriotic… Once again this shows what can happen if one particular group is given precedence over the rest, and is something the founding fathers anticipated with the prohibition of any religious test to hold office flanked by the separation of church and state.

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America,

and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation, indivisible,

with liberty and justice for all.


One Reply to “Take God Out of the Pledge!”

  1. > “with liberty and justice for all”.

    “… with liberty, equality and justice for all”.

    The latter is what Bellamy wanted. Racism in his time prevented it.


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