One Reply to “Bi-Weekly Blasphemy 4: Conservative Time”

  1. David Limbaugh on the Sean Hannity radio program? Wow! Two poop sandwiches for the price of one!

    You know, none of this is new. There have been conservatives over the years that threatened to leave the party–Pat Buchanan did, even if only for a while, and the Constitution Party and Libertarian Party are very real (and relatively recent) institutions. But defectors (almost) always come back, and the reason is simple: professional success and political victory are things of interest to ambitious politicians. It’s true, Buchanan left the Republican Party, but he has never again played the role he once did in the GOP. Nader left the Democratic Party, too, and while he continues to have a great deal of success, it’s mainly with speeches & writing books. There’s also the fact that to leave the party means to invite the scorn of friends (and voters you need to win!) who are convinced to think that independent candidates are rogue politicians who’d be better off devoting themselves to making change within the party than were they to commit to “helping the greater-of-two-evils” wreak havoc on the nation’s babies by taking away votes from the home team. And what of the fact that the party has a place for vocal detractors? Hell, Hannity & Co. chide the GOP establishment every day, but they remain loyal–and prosperous! I could go on, but my point is simple: peer-pressure is a bitch… and loyal bitches are rewarded.


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