Godless Offering Ep 18: Pastafarianism+Joey’s Meaty Balls

In this edition of Godless Offerings we talk with Joey Lee Kirkman author of Bedtime Bible Stories and Andrea Desky founder of P.A.S.T.A. Foundation about their new support group for Pastafarianism. They talk about their new website, why Joey left his anti-theist beliefs behind, and if pastafarianism can co-mingle with his non belief. They talk about their new membership drive and what it means to be a part of the Pastafarian Religion. Do not miss this great interview and make sure to go check out what they do. If you want more information on their Pasta Foundation, Pastafarianism, and Bedtime Bible Stories please check out our blog below.

Godless Offerings are condensed clips from shows done on the Atheist Analysis network meant to bring a shortened version of our shows or to highlight important points made during the show.

Blog: http://atheistanalysis.com/a-year-long-journey-into-pasta-leaving-atheism-behind/

Original Full Length Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6PA-QHJ86o

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