Grillin’ with Atheists: Humble Beginnings and Helping Those in Need

Charity is very important to helping those in society that have fallen on hard times or those that are less fortunate than we are.  Ultimately, charity is a necessary function to help move humanity forward; the government should’nt be the only ones providing charity.  Many non-profit organizations provide a way for people to engage, help out, and support humanity.  We here at Atheist Analysis feel this is a very important function and one that we want to contribute to as much as we can.



Last October, Atheist Analysis held its first charity event called Grillin With Atheists.  This event consisted of helping feed homeless people a full meal of hot dog, fruit cup, chips, and a pop.  Our Inaugural Event was held in Atlanta feeding hundreds of homeless at the Atlanta Mission Homeless Shelter.  We brought some sponsors on board to get some great gifts for those willing to make a donation, and then started the gofundme page where our donors graciously helped us to reach our goal to feed the homeless that day.


We put 100% of the money we earned into feeding the homeless people that day, while our volunteers ran the grill, and worked behind the counter making the lunches.  This event, while only one small event, helped show our desire to be compassionate to others.  What we did was not special, but was something that we felt more people should do – especially from a secular perspective.  I mean, look at all the religious people who have spent decades helping the homeless! It is about time the secular community makes it known that you do not have to be religious to make a difference.



A big part of starting Atheist Analysis was to help people.  Charity is one way we can help people, and we want to be a part of this growing movement.  So with the success of Grillin With Atheists, we want to continue to launch more events to feed the homeless people.  We recognize that sometimes homeless people just want a little compassion and a warm meal.  This provides them with the opportunity to enjoy a little bit of what most people take for granted.  Another aspect of Grillin With Atheists is that it encourages a positive opinion of Atheism by creating a friendly environment and feeding the homeless.  This is a great way to help promote interfaith dialog in your community.


We started in Atlanta, but we do not want to stop there.  We want to set up events in a city every month, every week, every day if we possibly can.  We want to make a difference, and we want to inspire you to make a difference as well.  We have compiled a short video highlighting what we accomplished to give everyone an idea what you can accomplish.  Starting this spring, we will begin a campaign to work toward setting up more of these events.  Our next event will be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but let’s not stop there.  Right now we are setting up a general gofundme page that will be used to sponsor our next two events.  If you have an interest in hosting an event in your town, and would like our help to host the event please get in touch with us.  Emailing will get your information to us and allow us to help you amaze yourself while amazing the world.

Please consider sponsoring our next couple of events, and we will be putting together packages again from our sponsors that will make donating even more worthwhile, along with helping to feed those that are in need.


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