Ignorance Loves Ignorance, the Religious Wall Around You

Religion makes people ignorant, and worse, it trains them to love and adore it. They actively fight to stay ignorant, even to the point that they put their children at risk. Just look at history, read up on the child crusades. Look at the presen; the children who hold up the “God Hates Fags” signs, the children being trained in Africa to be soldiers, or suicide bombers for ISIS. Another example would be creationists in America; they are genuinely setting up their children for failure if they teach them creationism over evolution.  Seriously, why would it ever be a good idea, to listen to Ken Ham over Stephan Hawking?


Religious people love being ignorant, to the point, which they are willing to kill; and for what, a book, which more often than not, is a book they have not even read. It is no surprise that atheists, have been found to be more knowledgeable of the Bible than Christians. How can someone dedicate their life to a book they have not read; does that mean that they dedicated their lives, to a fictional book title and a violent history?


I have a feeling that people read that last paragraph, and responded in one of two ways, either you enjoyed or hated it; if you were in the category of “hated it”, I wonder if you hate it, because of what I said, or if it is because it could be the truth. The sunken costs fallacy can be used to justify a lifetime invested into a single book, but to read it and find out that that life was wasted, is just too much to bear sometimes.  Better off never reading it and keeping that investment sound.


This is not a judgement either, it’s an honest question, one which I had to ask myself at one point. For example, I was a christian leader in my high school’s FCA chapter group, when I was 18 years old. Our group was honored at a big awards banquet, where we had the honor of giving a speech, and for some reason I volunteered. I proudly stood up in front of 500+ people, which included Marvin Lewis (head coach for the Cincinnati Bengals), and belted out the words,


“Jesus is my coach, the Bible is my playbook, and life is the game.”


One of the best days of my life, because that was a big deal for me at the time, not talking about the religious part, the “getting up in front of 500+ people, at a big important banquet” part. That was a terrifying experience, and it took a lot to get up there. I was big into religion at the time, and like most people, I believed it was a good moral book. That speech was huge though, it made me realize that it was time for me to actually, read the Bible in its entirety.  I did not want to be a hypocrite, and if I was going to stand up, in front of all those people, and pledge my life to a book, then I was going to at least make sure it was a book, which I read myself and in an objective way.


Christians, are you shocked to find out that some atheists know the bible better than you do? Why do you think that is? Why is your holy book, a major reason people become atheists? Now ask yourself this question:

“How can you dedicate your life, to a book, which you have not read in its entirety?”

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