Days of Never Ending Snow

Day 104.


We are alone now . Our feral cats Titus and Spartacus have sought refuge in the large barn across the way where sexual pleasures await them. I think they feel there is a greater chance survival there. My dear wife, said the last storm was a St. Patrick’s storm and that winter was over, has taken to sitting in the easy chair mumbling snow, snow, snow the sounds of the Yeti’s cries sooth her. I fear it was not a St. Patricks’ storm but the Snakes Revenge. I want to see my shed again or my garage of some trees, Everything is white. I have come to hate White. I know there are people still out there I hear a plow sometimes in the never ending night…


Day 105.


30 more CM’s called for today. Titus made it home he was ravenous and looked fucked out, no sign of Spartacus yet, I guess he has more sexual stamina or is afraid of the long trek home. The Yeti are making me nervous, I wonder if they like the taste of kittens ( I hope not ). I saw a dim light through the clouds this morning, we suspect it was the sun, there may be hope. My dear wife is trembling, only 2 beers left. I found some seeds and planted them this morning, hope springs eternal, awe who am I kidding we are done for. I found my old crossbow in the attic and if a wolf or Yeti get too close tonight We Eat. No plows today they have abandoned us. I hope this message reaches my sons, we love you and hope you are safe and warm. My dear wife is mumbling something about the market and Apple Pie, I fear she has become delirious Pray for her boys. Shit I forgot we brought you up without all that religious shit, I take comfort in that .


I curse the day I sold my snowshoes, what a fool I was. We are getting ready for the long night now and have taken Nan’s quilts down from the attic. Maybe tomorrow there will be an end to the snow.


Day 106.

We have survived the night 35 CM’s more, so much for the promises from environment Canada. My dear wife and I cling to life in hopes of a brighter tomorrow, but this is tomorrow, how could that be. There is only thing that gives us hope now, hope to see our second kitten Spartacus return. The snow is deep, the winds are cold, but I have new strength today and a full belly .


now 006

I care not what evil names will be bestowed upon  this house, what shames we must live with, as far as I can tell it was him or us. I shall dig today, dig, with all my heart and tortured soul. I shall deliver us from this wintry grave and we shall see the sun again. With renewed vigor, with no thought of what I have done, with the shame of the dastardly deed behind me, and forever interred in the past. What drives me now, what drives any man who is buried in the darkness of the long winters night. What drives a man to do these awful deeds. I dreamed of an Ancient mariner, and I dreamed of the Donner Pass last night , or was it a dream. I awoke to find a new recipe in my book this morning and it was ” Yeti and Spaghetti”


They Taste like Chicken

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