Science, Evidence, and Faith

As I connect with other Atheists, I have noticed that many base their non-belief on science or a lack of evidence that God exists.


Does one need to state that there is no scientific evidence to justify not believing in God? To quote many climate deniers, “I’m no scientist.” I also believe that science is not necessarily a requisite of Atheism.

I think that you can come to Atheism on your own. Maybe it’s logic. Saying that the Earth is only 6,000 years old can be just plain silly. Pointing out that nearly all religions pre-dating Christianity have some sort of resurrection myth. You can point out all of the contradictions that exist in most religions. You can even point out that organized religion is, at its core, about control. You can point out that most wars throughout history were caused by differences in religious beliefs.


All of these thing may be true. I believe they are true. But does science drive me to be an Atheist? No. I came to that decision within myself. Organized religion just didn’t make sense to me. The lack of evidence is irrelevant to me. It is just what I believe in my heart.


Being an Atheist just feels right to me. Once I released myself from the shackles of organized religion, I felt a huge weight lift off of my shoulders. It had nothing to do with science. Regardless of how old the Earth may be, it is a historical fact that there has been much bloodshed based on religion. That seemed inherently wrong to me. It just didn’t make sense.


Religion just seemed “wrong” to me. I think we are in a point in time in history where we are experiencing the last gasps of religion. Sure, it will always be around. Some people need it to cope with the reality of death by believing there is more after you die. That will never go away. However, more people are seeing it for what it is and moving away from it. This is nothing new. People have been doubting religion as long as religion has been around. It’s just now, with the advent of so many communication forums, more people are being vocal about it.


Does science and lack of evidence of God drive people to Atheism? Sure it does. But let me use a word that most Atheists avoid: faith. You have faith in something, make no mistake about it. Faith in decisions you make. Faith that your spouse will not cheat on you. Faith that the pilot will land the plane safely. Faith that you will wake up in the morning. Could you also call these examples “hope?”



Faith take courage. Does hope? Does saying “I have faith there is no God” more of a commitment? Does saying “I hope there is no God” the same thing? See the difference? Faith shows commitment. Hope leaves the door open. Maybe you are just hedging your bets…just in case. Don’t be afraid to have faith. If you call yourself an Atheist, you have committed to the belief that there is no God. That is faith, plain and simple. But that is, of course, just my opinion.

One Reply to “Science, Evidence, and Faith”

  1. Just as there are more than one definitions for the word theory (which Christians can’t seem to comprehend) there are more than one definitions for the word faith. When concerning religious faith one asserts belief in something for which there is no proof and no reason to believe. This type of faith is therefore not reasonable. You switched to a different use of the word faith in attempting to make your point, so it is not relevant. For example, I do not have faith that my spouse will not cheat on me. I do trust that she will not do so and I have good reason to believe that she won’t. I don’t have faith that the pilot will land the plane safely. I have confidence that he/she will based on the knowledge and requirements placed on them by the airlines and the FAA. This type of faith is based on knowledge, experience and reason and should not be confused with the type of faith that the religious use.


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