Cellar Door Skeptics 47: In the Heat of Battle


#47: In the Heat of Battle
The United States and the World have many different opinions and laws about drugs and gun control. In this episode we snag a meeting organizer out of Detroit who runs a SMART Recovery Rehab program that uses skepticism, science and a non religious program to help those in recovery from drugs and alcohol. Later on we are joined by #NRA certified #CCW Instructor Stu as we look at both sides of the gun control debate. We bring statistics, philosophy and laws into play as we hash out some of the gun control arguments. All the links are in the description for this informational look at both perspectives from passionate individuals.
Episode: https://www.spreaker.com/user/cellardoorskeptics/smartrecovery
#cellardoorskeptics, #drugaddiction, #europeanunion, #guncontrol, #smartrecovery

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