Cellar Door Skeptics 49: Republican Tax Hike Rampage


#49: Republican Tax Hike Rampage
The fury unleashes this week as Tanner gets rather passionate about tonight’s topics. The duo start out talking about the Dakota Pipeline Controversy. They move on to a lecture from an Ex-Mormon about how crazy Mormonism can be. If that was not enough to wet your whistle, Tanner gets up on his pedestal and debunks Republican Representative Tom Hooker and his proposed Bull S**t Beer Tax. The show ends with reflection on Aleppo and Gary Johnson’s misinformation.
00:00 Dakota Pipeline Controversy

40:12 Mormonism with a Former Mormon

56:58 MI Republican Proposes Raising Beer Tax

81:05 Aleppo and Gary Johnson
Episode: https://www.spreaker.com/user/cellardoorskeptics/michiganbeertax
#aleppo, #garyjohnson, #michiganbeer, #mormonism, #republican #cellardoorskeptics

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