Cellar Door Skeptics 59: The Slow Revolution


#59: The Slow Revolution
On this episode of Cellar Door Skeptics, Chris Squared attempt to tackle rapid fire segments that range the spectrum of politics to science speckled with a smatter of entertainment.  First on the circuit, they tackle the evolution of whales legs and elephants without tusks.  A quick jaunt over to look at the new appointee for City Council in Wyoming Michigan and the secular oath she took. They move on to cover how much Texas inmates get verses the school children in the state.  If that was not enough to wet your whistle, Chris and Christopher cover Trump’s twitter rampage about illegal votes and look at all the majority votes the United States have had in the past.
#Atheist #Evolution #DonaldTrump #twitter #GrassRoots #CellarDoorSkeptics

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