Cellar Door Skeptics 68: Orwell vs Huxley / Humanity Values


#68: Orwell VS Huxley/Humanity Values
Is homeschooling a detriment to a child’s social development?  This week we will tackle if homeschooling is harming children or if it has become a tangible option given the recent nomination of Betsy Devos.  Then we will interview David Teachout, founder of Life Weavings and Humanity Values Podcast, as we talk about how his experience and degree’s make for an educational show.  We will then end on a discussion about Neil Postman’s book “Amusing Ourselves To Death” and we look at whether or not the future is closer to an Orwellian or Huxley perspective.
#Psychology  #JustinTrudeau #HumanityValues #1984 #HomeSchool #NeilPostman

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