Cellar Door Skeptics 71: International Women’s Day / Rational Politics Project


#71: International Women’s Day / Rational Politics Project 
This week Cellar Door Skeptics dives into the celebration of women and activism with International Women’s Day.  The theme for this year was “Be Bold for Change” and Christopher interview Jennifer Beehan Director of CFI Michigan and Xandi Andersen board member of the Alabama ACLU, Clinic Defender, and new co-host on Promoting Secular Feminism.  After that Christopher will interview Gleb Tsipursky PhD Assistant Professor and founder of Intentional Insight including the Rational Politics Project.  They talk about his project to help correct and educate people who believe alternative facts.  The show will end with Chris and Christopher talking about if ghosts have been proven real and a quick look at an article about a Giant Neuron.
Xandi Andersen Promoting Secular Feminism Jennifer Beahan Center for Inquiry-Michigan (CFI) Intentional Insights Gleb Tsipursky
#AlternativeFacts #BeBoldForChange #Ghosts #Science #RationalPoliticsProject

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