Cellar Door Skeptics 85: Empty Handed for God – The Deconversion to Atheism. Tanner’s Christian Ska Band Bandmate Interview



#85: Empty Handed for God – The deconversion to Atheism

If you remember Tanner mentioned that he was in a Christian Ska Band in high school. And he left the band due to theological difference. Well now years later, and no we won’t say how many years, but 17 years later he reunites with his old friend and lead singer of defunct band Empty Hand.
They reminisce along with talking about both their journey out of Christianity into Atheism. Both of them have had different journeys but both have come to the same place.
Be prepared to journey back in time to talk ska music, Christianity, religious family, and atheism.

#emptyhand #christianband #skamusic #christianmusic #atheism #deconversion

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