Cellar Door Skeptics #96: Michigan Fails to Pardon Dispensaries

Cellar Door Skeptics is back at it again examining some more articles that will leave you questioning humanity.  This week the duo takes the plunge and attacks the infamous Michigan Governor Dick and his ragtime Medical Marijuana Board.  This time the state is “confused” on what to do with dispensaries and they are shutting them down and leaving people in the lurches and under criminal investigation.  The show continues by talking about a scientific article that has revealed some dirty laundry about “Big Oil”.  The team examines the soiled remains of how Oil companies purposely mislead people by claiming Climate Change is not real.  The show ends with a frank discussion on Trump’s pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and how this will affect the nation moving forward.


#MedicalMarijuana #ClimateChange #BigOil #JoeArpaio #Pardon


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