Cellar Door Skeptics 109: Gay cakes and slavery

Before the holidays over take us and allow  a much needed break, Cellar Door Skeptics hits hard on a couple of topics that have been weighing down on them over the last couple weeks. The duo talk through a conversation that Tanner had with an online friend over whether or not the Supreme Court should rule in favor of the Baker who was sued over not serving a gay couple. They talk through the outrageous statements made in a Libertarian post which tries to equate forcing a baker to either go out of business or serve every couple equally is the same as putting people in slavery. Then Hanna brings back his infamous science educational segment talking about Gravity. The show ends with the duo looking at the how the media is handling all the sexual scandals, what the long term effects could be, and how we should continue to speak in sync with women as they continue to make their voices heard.

#LGBTQWKRPINCINCINNATI #SupremeCourt #Libertarian #Gravity #Science #Podcast #MeToo #SexualHarassment

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