Cellar Door Skeptics 124: Women v. Religion: The Case Against Faith

This week on Cellar Door Skeptics, Tanner interviews three amazing authors representing their new book, Women VS Religion. Alexis, Candace, and Karen join the show to talk about their essays on how religion has affected them as women.

The book is a collection of essays by different women, from different walks of life, all talking about the damage that religion has done to women. Each essay is a different story told through different lenses to allow for a unique blend of upbringing, beliefs, apostasy, and an understanding on how to survive the different aspects of religion as a women.

The show is important because it helps to highlight the unique struggles women face during and after religion has touched or been apart of their lives. This episode is special as it gave Tanner a perspective of how others suffer differently than he has while showing the amazing strength of others and what they have to go through.

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