Cellar Door Skeptics 126: Alpha God: The Psychology of Religious Violence and Oppression

This episode is a solo effort by Tanner, as Hanna’s wife just had their second child and he is taking time off to be with the family. We wish him the best and are excited to see all the amazing baby pictures whenever he recovers from the shock of being a father a second time.

The episode though is close to Tanner’s heart as he interviews Dr Hector Garcia, author of Alpha God The Psychology of Religious Violence and Oppression. As we all know Tanner loves evolution and this discussion hits home as he talks with the doctor about religion and how evolution played a big role in how it developed, adapted, and gives us even more reason to disbelieve the fairy tale that has encapsulated millions throughout the last couple millenia.

But without giving away to much of the book check out this latest episode with the amazing Dr Hector Garcia as he inspires Tanner with new theories and discussion points on the origins of religion.

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