Cellar Door Skeptics 148: Schipper and Banks Putting the D in Democrat

By now you know that the show is discussing local politics and the importance of getting out to vote this November. This week the duo interview candidates in Tanner’s district in Ottawa County. Tanner meets with both candidates to talk about their stories, their desire to improve our society, and what got them into politics. This week is special as Tanner connects with people who affect his local community and the communities around him.

They talk through healthcare in Michigan with an emphasis on Mental Health and how Michigan could be better at working through their issues with healthcare. But the meat of the episode is when Tanner talks with both guests on their entry into politics, how they are more humanistic than the GOP counterparts, while continuing to work toward the electorate.

This episode mixes their personal beliefs with challenges for the candidates they endorse to try and work toward a way to keep them honest while fixing the immediate problems Michigan has.

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Segment: Jeanette Schipper for Senate
Segment: Christopher Banks for House Representative
Ottawa County Democrats
Quick Saves
Hanna: The Thing Gets Frozen

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