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Our Podcast

Cellar Door Skeptics is a podcast based out of Grand Rapids Michigan featuring hosts Christopher Tanner & Chris Hanna.  Every week we promise to engage the audience with a hour or longer podcast.  Our desire is to bring engaging, entertaining, and factually sound information for all the listeners to digest.  We air a new episode every Tuesday at 8 pm est via Spreaker and iTunes.

Host #1

Christopher Tanner started his journey in atheism over three years ago, but his heart for humanity and desire to change the world started well over 12 years ago.  Christopher came from a conservative baptist upbringing.  He has gone from a conservative christian to a liberal atheist humanist.  Recently he has worked on another Video/Podcast called Atheist Analysis, worked as a volunteer researcher for Dogma Debate, volunteered for two local LGBTQ activist groups, volunteered with Decriminalize GR, and has volunteered for the local CFI Michigan.  Christopher’s passions are his family, activism, speaking, and hockey.

Host #2

Chris Hanna is the second host and hails from Heretical Minds Podcast.
Prepare for the revolution!

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