Defending Atheism, and Why Presuppositionalist Apologetics Fail

When theists run out of conventional arguments for the existence of God, sometimes they grow desperate, and take the so called “nuclear option” of attempting to cast doubt on common epistemologies many atheists rely on like empiricism, rationalism, and naturalism. This was the primary approach Sye Ten Bruggencate took in his recent debate against Matt Dillahunty in Memphis, and I am sure many atheists who read this have experienced these kinds of arguments in debating theists. Seeing how this is my first blog post on the Atheist Analysis, and considering how the Bruggencate vs Dillahunty debate is still fresh in everyone’s mind, it makes sense to both comment on presuppositionalism, as well as defend the worldview many atheists rely upon.

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When in Doubt, Blame the Brown People.

There has to be a bad guy, there has to be a face of evil, we need that concentrated source, we have to have a villain… Otherwise we would share in the blame.  We would share in the fault, the creation of a power vacuum, and the growth of an elite ruling class so far removed as to have forsaken any trace of human faculties or characteristics.

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