World Of Water by Samantha Pelz and Dedicated to Leelah

For Leelah…

Hate is like an ocean

A person drowning

Who is this poor soul

Torn and ragged



Who is this person fighting against the current?

Is this person a man? A Woman? Gay? Straight?

Does it matter?

Aren’t we all in an ocean?

Is there an all-powerful being controlling the tides?

Allowing souls like this one to sink

For the good to drown

For the evil to find land and safe harbor

Is this soul like so many others

Sinking in the sin of being different?


They are drowning in the cold,

Disdainful contempt of society

Not to the life guards

Advocates battling the storm rescuing the submerged

But too the critical ignorant bigots

Too the passive onlookers

How many more will drown?

How many more will die till things change?

That answer is in your hearts

It can only be found in society’s

Endless Ocean of hate


Samantha is a guest writer whose heartfelt prose has warranted a special poetry edition of the Atheist Analysis Blog today. Please let us know if you would like to see more like this in the future and please take the time to comment for such a wonderful piece of art.

Nature is Not Your Friend… But Transhumanism Is


For all of human history, humans have been forced to die from the natural effects of aging. Unless humans have been living forever in secret unbeknownst to our history books, they had no choice in the matter of death. But now, with advancements in medicine and technology, death is seemingly becoming closer to being a choice for possibly, the first time in history—that is, if we survive long enough to benefit from these therapies.


But even despite this apparent choice in the foreseeable future, many people claim they would still choose death and their actions suggest they are telling the truth. They seem to be very happy with accepting the hand that nature has dealt them. They show no fear as they draw nearer to the end of their lives. This attitude of accepting death is what we call Deathism (see “Deathism Explained”)


The parallels between Deathism & Stockholm syndrome

In many ways, deathists exhibit symptoms of someone who is suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Mankind has been held hostage by death for so long that most of us have learned to be helpless and we gave up fighting. It’s as if nature’s plan of involuntary death from aging has broken our spirit, and now we just go along with the plan. We don’t question it. Betraying our own survival instincts, we have become willing victims.
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Personal Thoughts on Brittany Maynard and Respect

Brittany Maynard’s Decision

Brittany Maynard chose to end her life by way of assisted suicide on Saturday November 1, 2014. This is a well-known story, a story I’m sure we’ve all heard about and probably had feelings on. So why am I writing about it now?

There are a few reasons why I felt the need to put my two cents worth in. This story touched me deeply. She was an incredibly strong woman, in my eyes. She chose to die with dignity rather than letting her illness take her, slowly and with great suffering. It should have stopped there. This story should have passed away with her and allowed her family their time to grieve and remember the person that she was. However, there were numerous comments posted by many Christians (and I’m sure other faiths) that said she was Damned, she was going to Hell, she was a coward.

This upset me a lot. Probably more than it should have. After all, I never met her. First off, most, if not all, of these commenters didn’t know her either. They took this moment in this woman’s life and death to spread their religion, of which they have zero proof. Zero. “How can you take your own life? God will damn you to Hell! God had a plan for you and you ruined it!”
This got me thinking. When would it be acceptable to do this in these Christians’ eyes? I thought to September 11, 2001, and watching, horrified and helpless, as people threw themselves from over 100 stories to their deaths. How many comments about those poor people? Any? As they were falling did these Christians yell out, “You’re going to Hell, ya know! God had a plan and you bailed.” I doubt it.
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What the *&%^!@ is a Christian Atheist

The label ‘Christian Atheist’ is not popular among either of the parties the term forces together. Many people reject the very existence of Christian atheism due to an (understandable) inability to look past the stand-alone definitions of both of these words and find cogency in using them together. But there is logic and also usefulness to be found.

The first and most simple definition for the term sees it used simply as an identifier of someone’s religious background. It’s a convenient label to counter an argument theists use against atheists often: “You’re always taking down Christianity, but I never see you talking about Islam or Judaism or blah blah blah…” The typical atheistic response to this accusation is to remind the believer that their background in is Christianity and (like everyone else on planet earth) their opinions and arguments are shaped by personal experiences. Identifying oneself as a Christian atheist simply makes this reply shorter…

….Buuut, that’s not the definition that sets both sides of the fence on fire. The heat enters the picture only when the second definition is claimed. This definition sees a person identify themselves not only as an atheist with a Christian history, but also as a non-believer who still positively values and identifies with this history.
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Are Atheists Moral People?

See More from Chris “ChrisCamaro” S HERE

I’ve spent enough time listening to theist/atheist debates to hear the main points on both sides and I can tell you that one of the central concerns is whether or not morality truly exists and whether atheists are moral people. Theists tend to hold the opinion that atheists are not moral and I realize I’m making a generalization here but it’s tough to speak for everyone since theists disagree with each other on this point as often as they do on Bible interpretation or what attributes God has, or anything else pertaining to their beliefs. For the most part however, theists are confident that morality is an immutable thing, handed down by God. I’m not only alluding to the 10 commandments but also everything else God has ever told men about what they should and should not do. By assuming the existence of God, you have a very clear standard to live by, or so it would seem. The lines get blurry sometimes when God disregards his own rules and that’s where interpretation comes in. Still, theists seem content in discriminating right from wrong based on the word of God and hold that atheists cannot possibly know morality unless there is some absolute, universal standard. Atheists like to live by their own understanding of right and wrong, which they maintain, serves them and their neighbors quite well. Are atheists moral people then? Well, to answer this we have to take a closer look at what morality actually is. I should also point out that, for no reason other than my own familiarity, I’m going to use Christianity as my primary example throughout this article.

The benefit of nourishment outweighs the benefit of $2

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C.J. Anderson and “Enter Ruinland” – Interview With an Atheist Author


C.J Anderson, author and open atheist, is a minority amongst his literary brethren as he has taken a different road, one still rocky and rough, but lately he is much more likely to see another traveler or grey shadow disappearing just beyond the next turn.  It is not as if there haven’t been atheist authors in the past but the current sociopolitical atmosphere of the United States and parts of Europe have seen a steady growth in those who do not believe.  This new demographic, of which C.J. is clearly a part, has begun to produce visual arts and literary works elegant and transparent in their questioning of faith, in the need for more than earnest promises, and in what it is to be human having left the shackles of a totalitarian past behind. C.J. has used his personal experience to lead the reader on deftly transcribed first person narrative of lost faith in “No Kingdom Come” and his vast imaginative processes, combining the inspirations of great philosophers and storytellers, into his own distinctive style in the “Ruinland” Series.

To begin lightly, you favorite please: Teapot, Flying Spaghetti Monster, or pink Unicorn? Spaghetti Monster

Your bio lists you as a Las Vegas resident as well as having studied writing at UNLV, have you always called Nevada home? I have also lived in Florida.

What was your childhood belief structure like, your parents and family?  My parents claimed to be religious but they didn’t take it very seriously.
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Hunting with The Godless Aspie: Rob Beasley and His Two Wolves

Rob Beasley, author of “WHAT IS THIS THING CALLED GO(O)D?” and a regular on the Atheist Analysis, pointed me towards the “Two Wolves” story that he likes to use to support his arguments. After claiming I have not done much research into the life of Jesus, I conducted an investigation into his favorite “Native American” parable.

From a comment made after watching a video on Atheist Republic called “What has God done for mankind?”, Rob Beasley had this as part of his reply:

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Human Equality and Mike Brown: Putting out the Fires in Ferguson

Making the rounds lately is a series of unintelligibly grainy security photos that looks like it may be of Michael Brown, the teen whose death at the hands Officer Darren Wilson sparked the recent tumult in Ferguson Missouri. Here, take a look:


The photos show someone stealing something from a convenience store and a clerk trying to stop him, the perpetrator gets physical and leaves. The Ferguson police department has been using this supposed altercation to justify the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. They’ve also been desperately pointing out that the preliminary autopsy that was performed on Brown showed that he had marijuana in his system. The amount of sheer vitriolic hatred and fallacious argumentation beg to be condemned, so let’s look at this situation with clarity.

If he was the perpetrator in the video did he deserve to be killed? Is the rioting in Ferguson justified? What’s really going on here?

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Biblical Contradictions Explained #1: Guest Theist Bernhard Visscher, the Tomb, and the Stone.

New guest blogs from Bernhard Visscher, our potential resident Theist, will be providing a different perspective on a variety of topics.  He will be providing explanations for biblical contradictions to start and much more as time goes on.  Get involved in the conversation and lets keep things respectable.  Thanks from everyone here at Atheist Analysis!

Bible Contradictions explained.

The Alleged Contradiction: What Was the State of Jesus’ Tomb During the Approach?:

Mark 16:4, Luke 24:2, John 20:1 – The stone in front of Jesus’ tomb had been rolled away

Matthew 28:1-2 – The stone in front of Jesus’ tomb was still in place and would be rolled away later

Summary of Alleged Contradiction:  The stone was either rolled away when the women got there or it was not.  Since the gospels claim both how can they be true?

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