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HereCellar Door Skeptics is the list of our current Podcasts.  Make sure to check out the links for the most up to date information.

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13020349_10100976254201070_641712315_n#27: #Celebgate / Gluten Free Diets / Rust Video Game

During this recording, we found some enchanting guests to join us from Not Another Atheist Podcast, as they discuss some important topics. In the Celebgate segment we delve into the anger of stealing nude photos. Following that a refreshing science segment ensues debunking gluten free diets. Last we end on a discussion about the video game Rust and their decision to not allow for character selection. Join us for hilarity, serious discussion, and an overall amazing time on Cellar Door Skeptics.


12966795_10100970911238410_620029330_n#26: Breastfeeding with Tiffany / Batman VS Superman

In a world evolving on a continual basis, we strive to learn and correct past behaviors, to make it a better place for everyone to live.  In this episode, Christopher and Chris interview Tiffany to discuss public breastfeeding and what we can do to be a ally.  They also touch on the new Batman VS Superman movie, morality, war, and Chris’s upbringing as a deaf person.  They close with discussing the Panama Papers and question if America is becoming a new haven for off shore accounts.



956bd1d91f9b374b2fdcc4d60dd39723#25: Trumping Your Citizen’s Rights

With the Alabama Governor raising the wages of his staff, while denying minimum wage increases, the Chris Duo checks in to bring to light another hypocritical conservative scheme. They will also reconnect with their friends from Prophetcast Podcast to discuss their new show This Atheist Life along with Donald Trump’s abortion and torture stances as comedic gold.



vaxxlarge#24: Free Speech VS Sensibility

In this episode, Christopher and Chris tackle Robert De Niro’s controversial discussion around the Anti Vaccination movie “Vaxxed”, while simultaneously taking on Bad Sex in Literature and what Crazy Shit Chris used to believe. We close the show out with a discussion about one Christian’s proposed evidence that they feel leads atheists back to Christianity.



12516415_10100950212254340_138027689_n#23: Astronomy Saves The World

Are the presidential rallies getting too violent and losing sight of what they were supposed to be for? Chris and Christopher weight in on the hypocrisy rampant on BOTH sides lately. After that Daniel Batcheldor stops by to explain to us how astronomy can save the world and plug his amazing upcoming book! To close out the show, some bunk arguments against GMO foods were crushed and Christopher got Chris a bit ripped, leading to his first rant about teaching the controversy. You have been warned!


12516400_10100943668577920_67118323_n#22: Bi Any Means “Sexuality & Gender”

Ever wondered about Gender Queer, Non-Binary, or Bisexuality?  Well Christopher and Chris discuss these topics with a friendly podcaster named Trav as they talk about their podcast Bi Any Means Podcast.  We also get into Crazy Shit Christopher used to believe along with what happens if Bernie Sanders takes Super Pac Money.  They close the show out with Middle East Air Quality and India Solar Program.


12821953_10100938414646840_2025140186_n#21: International Women’s Day / Michigan Vote

The excitement is intense this week as we return from a week hiatus into the midst of the Michigan Primaries and International Women’s Day! We recently experienced a Bernie Sanders rally in the Grand Rapids Michigan and discussed that along with the primaries first, then Christopher Tanner delivered an in depth look at pledging support for International Women’s Day that should open all out eyes. Next Chris Hanna went full science with a segment analyzing the claim that cooking is one of the major driving forces for the evolution of humans from our ancestors. Closing out the show we dove into the murky waters of the Apple-FBI feud over privacy and hacking that will affect us all when it is fully resolved.


12596354_10100928352316830_1663666700_n#20: And Then There Was Eight

Chris and Christopher start this week with the heat, firing up criticisms from last weeks gun segments and cooling off with a history lesson on Asian internment camps and Mexican forced deportation. Gold digger Kanye is made fun of for a decent amount of time and then the dark head of science reared itself, to talk about the Appendix? It was cool, trust us. Next Pascal’s wager was perverted with climate change and the funky logic will be published on the blog for all to critique. Finally, the show was closed out on a warm cloud of Marijuana legalization banter and a skeptical look at what the President will do to replace Antonin Scalia. This one has something for everyone.


12736918_10100924178615960_1472395400_o#19: Guns, Government, and the RAS Brain

Get your flack jacket and tin foil hat because Christopher Tanner and Chris Hanna talked about gun control and concealed carry permits in Michigan this week. Then they dove into an over sized science segment; analyzing the Reticular Activating System otherwise known as The RAS and how it can be trained to do your bidding! To close they talked about more Michigan legislation and the viral story about how the hand shaped state apparently banned sodomy and oral sex?!?! Interested? Well you should be, so check us out!


ScientologySpreaker#18: Scientology VS Chris Shelton

As we take on another week, Cellar Door Skeptics come back in full force discussing the recent debate with a Presuppositional Apologist,  Revelations and the Anti Christ, Video Games and Dementia, the Oregon Militia, and even an interview about the inner workings of Scientology.


episode17spreaker#17: DEBATE “Is There Sufficient Evidence For The Christian God”

This episode is a Debate between Christopher Tanner and Aaron Furlong.  Aaron will be taking the position that there is sufficient evidence for the Christian God, while Christopher will present why he feels there is not sufficient enough evidence.  They both come from a Christian background, with Aaron still remaining active in the faith and prescribing to the Presupposition Position, while Christopher has become an agnostic atheist embracing a Secular Humanist worldview.  They will square off in this moderated debate.  Check out the link below for both of the presenters bios along with the rules for the debate.


episode16spreaker#16: Unbuckling The Bible Belt / Rage Against The Exorcism

This week Chris and Christopher bring back everyone’s favorite segment: “This Month on Pot” where they talk about Michigan’s current legalization efforts. Then they had a few drinks while interviewing the wonderful hosts of Unbuckling the Bible Belt podcast, Sharon and Kate. After that, Chris was given the go ahead for a full on philosophical take of the fine tuning argument with the Anthropic Principle. And finally, the two hosts emptied their glasses raging against the Pope and his horrific and seemingly fatal endorsement of modern day exorcisms.


12540380_10100906565921940_1873078794_n#15: The Flint Water Crisis Unleashed

This episode of Cellar Door Skeptics, Christopher and Chris tackle Star War’s the Force Unleashed while examining the new twists the movie has to offer. They move on to examine how much alcohol they can drink to get a hangover in a Tanner inspired Science Segment. The further they fall the more they talk about Bernie’s prison stance. And they close this episode out discussing the Flint Water Crisis. Tanner gets a little passionate and Hanna has to reign him in as these two deliver another amazing revolutionary episode.


feminismSpreaker#14: Planned Parenthood and the Game of Life

This week Chris and Christopher dive into feminism and humanism to set the stage for our special guest, Xandi Anderson; who has been on the front lines escorting people to Planned Parenthood locations and critiquing various state violations of the Supreme Court’s gay marriage legalization decision. The hosts round out the show with Conway’s Game of Life, a mathematical model that may have the keys to unlocking the origins of life from simple elements and molecules running solely on the rigid laws of physics. Oh and they challenge a religious blogger, stick around, this might get messy.


12476481_10100898885748070_293208388_n#13: Not Another New Year

Ring in the new year with Cellar Door Skeptics. In our 2016 inaugural episode, we tackle fracking, gerrymandering and vote manipulation, and whether we should vote only vote two party in a close election year.

We also are joined by our friends in the podcast community, Jen and Keith from Not Another Atheist Podcast as help weigh in on these important topics. They will stick around for the full show to provide their expert and sometimes vulgar yet honest opinions on today’s show.



#12: Where is the Star of Bethlehem#12: Where is the Star of Bethlehem

Christmas is here and we have a special episode for everyone. We discuss our Christmas traditions, publicly funded education, how to survive the holidays, and we have a special interview with Dr Aaron who helps debunk the Star of Bethlehem. Join us for a holiday spectacular that rock the socks off you, while helping you cope through the holidays with the family.


##11: Will the Real Libertarian Please Stand Up11: Will the Real Libertarian Please Stand Up

In this episode of Cellar Door Skeptics, Christopher and Chris discuss Donald Trump’s campaign and what will happen if the vote splits. We continue with a two part segment on Libertarian philosophies and how it compares with Atheism and Socialism. We finish strong with our weekly science segment which this week encompasses Darwin’s Finches. Take on the world and help us prepare for the Revolution!


#10: Ken Ham's Flying Sad Circus#10: Ken Ham’s Flying Sad Circus

This week on Cellar Door Skeptics our intrepid hosts begin with a somber discussion on mass shootings and Ken Ham’s reluctant acknowledgment that the United States is becoming less religious; closing the first segment out with a challenge from Christopher Tanner to the Faithful. The Science Segment for this week looks at the current state of bees and if there really is a Beepocalypse happening. Then in a new Political Science segment Chris and Christopher talked about the historical perspective switch between the Democratic and Republican parties in the US and when it happened. And Finally, this week’s show closed out with the controversy of Sam Harris’s quote about Ben Carson which, through research, led to the true animosity between Harris and Noam Chomsky.


#9:#9: No Offense to Hitler No Offense to Hitler

Happy Thanks Giving!

On this episode of Cellar Door Skeptics, Christopher and Chris join up with John Nelson to discuss what they are Thankful For, Unconditional Forgiveness, and the Syrian Refugee Crisis. Then Chris Hanna does our first ever book review on Bill Nye’s “Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation”. We end the show talking science and Herd Immunity.


#8: Tr#8: Trigger the Warning on the Higgs Bosonigger the Warning on the Higgs Boson

This week our esteemed hosts continued their onslaught on ignorance with more variety. The monthly update on the Michigan marijuana legalization scene covered our political offering. They met and interviewed the host of a great new podcast, The Angry Black Rant Podcast. Then Super Symmetry and the Multiverse were derived from the Higgs Boson before ending on Trigger Warnings and the Paris attacks.


#7: Do Sad Andriods Dream of Hell#7: Do Sad Andriods Dream of Hell

This week on Cellar Door Skeptics Chris and Christopher conducted a series of interviews in search of what scares us, what motivates us, what we can do to help others, and how to accept who and what we really are. We talked to Jeremiah Beene about the Psychology of Hell, Eray Ozkural about Artificial Intelligence, and Amy Bleul from Project Semicolon about Suicide awareness.


#6: Reefer, Republicans, and GMO Madness#6: Reefer, Republicans, and GMO Madness

This week Chris and Christopher squinted through the haze of a possible Marijuana legalization cloud hovering over Michigan. They then used their new found breeding techniques to analyze GMO’s and see if they really are as dangerous as Europe seems to think. Next they took to the streets for some epistemology on the front lines with Lindsey and Keith. And, of course, for bitter desert the most recent republican debate rounded out the evening with heartburn.


#5: Shattered Minds, Ghosts, and a Biblical Horror Show#5: Shattered Minds, Ghosts, and a Biblical Horror Show

In the fifth installment of Cellar Door Skeptics, Christopher and Chris take a light heart approach to ghosts and horror movies. They start the episode off talking about the history of ghosts. They then follow up with a science segment involving sexual fetishes. Later they divulge the bible verses they believe should be turned into horror movies and they conclude with their favorite horror movies and stories. This episode is less then two hours but encompasses the essence of Halloween.



#4#4: You PC Bro? / #DemDebate: You PC Bro? / #DemDebate

Join Cellar Door Skeptics as they travel on a journey while examining the new South Park Episodes and Political Correctness. Then Christopher presents his review of the new Slayer Album and reflects on Jeff Hanneman’s death. Later they interview David Teachout about his take on Leaving Religion Behind. And as they wrap the episode up, Chris Squared tackle the Democratic Debate, their view on who won, and why CNN removed their original poll.


#3:#3: Control How Much Is Too Much Control How Much Is Too Much

Welcome to our 3rd installment of Cellar Door Skeptics. This episode covers a variety of topics from Climate Change, to Gun Control and Massing Shootings, along with Christopher’s interview with Jennifer Behaan from CFI Michigan and what they have done to help the local community. We even cover some mail we have received since starting the show.

This episode is full of laughter, honest conversation, challenges, and even a little tears. Do not miss this epic episode and be sure to share it with your friends.


##2: Supporting The Trans Community/ The Working Poor2: Supporting The Trans Community/ The Working Poor

As our journey continues, with your hosts Christopher Tanner and Chris Hanna, this episode touches on a few important topics. They transform their thoughts into this 2 hour audible delicacy that will surely tantalize your senses.

We start by discussing a new website/movement called “I’ll Go With You” which is a movement that allows allies to show support to those in the trans community by offering to protect them while they use the restroom.

Moving on to segment number two, they tackle another crazy belief that Christopher had growing up; Karma. Discussions around his old cognitive biases could not be more delectable and surely will have you laughing.

The science segment this week centers around homosexuality and the brain. Chris Hanna dishes up a segment you will be able to use in arguments against the remaining faithful who refuse to accept anything outside of their bible.

The highlight of the episode though is Callie Wright from the Gaytheist Manifesto as she joins Christopher to talk about coming out trans, loosing her job, and how you can be a better ally to the trans community.

And we wrap up with Christopher’s rant on The Working Poor as some people on his Facebook page have suggested that those on food stamps and unemployment should have to do community service to gain eligibility. Chris Squared discuss why this is a bad idea and why focusing on this is a waste of energy, time, and money.


#1#1: Through The Worm Hole/Feel The Bern: Through The Worm Hole/Feel The Bern

Ladies and gentlemen, scientists and agnostics, people of all levels of learning, the day is finally here. This is this inaugural episode of The Cellar Door Skeptics podcast; with an emphasis on finding the most truth while suppressing our own bias, as best we can, we hope to educate and inform our listeners in a fog of heavy metal background music. The show will offer a variety of topics including religion, science, politics, music reviews, cooking, and anything else that falls out of our think tank.

This episode starts with an introduction to the hosts, Christopher Tanner and Chris Hanna, that covers the aspiration and plans for the show as well as the charitable efforts that will be beginning very soon. Next Chris Hanna reviews Fear Factory’s new album Genexus in what is the first of many to come, including changes in genres.

Next the Chris’ talk time travel, time dilation, and if a wormhole is really the magical key to traveling through time. Following the time travel segment we dive into Christopher Tanner’s past belief with an analysis of a “Crazy Bible Verse” and then “Crazy Shit Chris Used to Believe”. We round the show out with a political segment we call “Bernie vs. the World”. Chris Hanna is a full fledged supporter who is feeling the Bern but Chris Tanner is a bit skeptical and we talk Bernie and all the dirt we could find.



#0: Introducing the Hosts of Cellar Door Skeptics#0: Introducing the Hosts of Cellar Door Skeptics

Looking for a new podcast to listen to? Want something different and edgier? Want to listen to individuals who remain skeptical about almost everything?

Well you have come to the right place my friends.

Cellar Door Skeptics is a podcast that is releasing shortly that will entertain, educate, instill, and ponder more topics than you could even dream of. We will work toward making this show about those who participate while holding true to trying to figure out the world.

We do not accept things at face value and neither should you. Join us weekly as we work toward freeing the mind while having a little fun.

Check out the new podcast that will tickle your fancy.

Join us on this short introduction to the world of Chris Hanna and Christopher Tanner as they enter the Cellar Door.