Cellar Door Skeptics 176: How State’s Rights Fail Women

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The show goes back to its roots this week with a live episode looking at different current events and some interesting information they felt was worthy of an episode.

As we begin the show, we look into Trump’s desire to steal and claim quotes and accomplishments for his own even if he did not actually affect the outcome. Trump has been given the GEOTUS title more than once, but really is he god or god-like? We look at his ridiculous claim made this

Later we discuss the new abortion laws that continue to strip women of their rights. We look at a couple of articles that have come out discussing the horrific nature and what precedent it could set.

The episode takes a quick step to the science end of the universe to talk about if Dinosaurs could have been dragons. The last segment is a discussion on price fixing by drug companies.

The show ends as usual with the duo’s Quick Saves of the week.

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Is Trump copying morning shows?
States Rights and Abortion
Were Dinosaurs Dragons? https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/newly-discovered-bat-dinosaur-reveals-intricacies-prehistoric-flight-180972128/
Drug Price Fixing: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/11/health/teva-price-fixing-lawsuit.html
Tanner: Star Wars Destiny
Hanna: Senator Mike Gravel on the Oppressive Nature of Religion

Cellar Door Skeptics 162: Do Democrats Oppose Walls / New York’s Late Term Abortion Law

The duo starts the show off talking about the charity of the week. The Holocaust was a huge tragedy that plagued the world in the 30s and 40s. The charity is a local memorial museum that helps everyone know the history of the atrocities that happened to millions of people.

As the show continues on, Tanner talks about some of the recent articles pushed by the Anti-Choice groups that believe the New York law allowing women to have abortions after 24 weeks due to complications is going to lead to women having numerous abortions because they just want to. The articles use fear tactics, fake news, and slippery slope arguments to try and conflate the real news of women being able to make their own choices about their health care.

The final segment Hanna did some research to investigate how many times democrats have voted for a wall. He looks into if it is a valid argument many trumpsters pose and what we need to know to ensure that we can make informed decisions when it comes to the next election cycle.

The show ends as always with Hanna’s and Tanner’s Infamous Quick Saves of the week.

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Intro Segment: No One Legalized Spontaneous Late Term Abortions
Segment Local Charity of the Week: Holocaust Memorial Center Zekelman Family Campus
Segment: Democrats Want Open Borders and Hate Walls!” Or Do They…?
Quick Save Segment
Tanner: Static X Reunion
Hanna: To Shit or Not to Shit

Cellar Door Skeptics 115: Care in Chaos

Cellar Door Skeptics dedicated the podcast to helping bring to light stories that may enrage you, enthrall you, educate you, and entertain you. Tonight’s episode comes with a content warning.

CN: Abortion Clinic Violence / Anti-Choice Violence

This episode has a special place in the hearts of the host. Their first topic for the tonight is a great interview with Lindsay Beyerstein and her new documentary “Care in Chaos”. The filmmaker talks about her experiences with a couple of women’s health clinics that are being bombarded by antics from Anti-Choice groups that will make your blood boil. This heartfelt look at how awful our nation can be, shows the strength and courage of the women who work at these clinics.

As the episode rolls onward, the duo discuss extreme poverty in America, and how the a new study finds poverty of the world is not always combated with compassion and action, but with laws forcing homeless people to struggle and dig themselves a deeper ditch. They do not go off about healthcare this time but about the poor treatment of our nations and the world’s poor people.

The last segment they lighten up the show with a discussion on Hanlon’s Razor and a new study on dogs breeding the best traits from wolves. Both are a unique inquiry into some of the suttle thoughts the team has as they prep for each episode.

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Gay Marriage and 900,000 Abortions

© Deafilosophy / Chris Hanna

There has been a story of unadulterated, bigoted, piffle recirculating the interwebs this week discussing the supposed massive influx of abortions that would result from the legalization of gay marriage.  While laughable and astoundingly picturesque of the state of confirmation bias within many conservative religious sects, this sparked an age old comment in my mind, one that I thought would be an enlightening statistical analysis to the perfection of a perfect God’s perfect creation.


While the logical paradox that is a “gay marriage abortion” may make you cringe with astonishment I feel it should be plainly elaborated here.  There is absolutely no way that two gay people can reproduce using any natural or state of the art scientific methods without the introduction of the biological material from an outside third party.  With this stated, there is simply no possible way for gay marriage legalization to result in even one more abortion than what would happen under the current legal parameters outlined in the United States judicial system.


The only area where this non correlation can be conceived, heh, is in a slippery slope of morality where gay marriage opens a gate of immorality devouring our nation and ultimately the world.  Funny thing is, this is a similar argument to what was used to prevent the slaves from gaining their freedom, women from voting,  African Americans from voting, and all the progress of the civil rights movements.  Its getting repetitive is it not?
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The Atheist Hell House

Fears of war and pestilence.

Fear of loss and failure.

Fear the hate of your enemy.

Fear your god and savior.

Savior? Failure.

What do you fear?

Fear is your god.



Deep and insidious, beneath your consciousness, and just beyond your peripheral vision the horror of sin lies.  The most base human fears, materialized with an agenda, and aimed at the young and vulnerable.  Instincts derived from over a hundred thousand years of life in hominid form and millions of years before to the origin of species, have been carved by nature to protect the self and the genes from destruction.  When weaponized, as proven time and time again, fear truly is: “the mindkiller”.

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Live Debate Sunday! Should Abortion Be Legal with Trent Horn & Jonathan Brotherton

Atheist Analysis S03 E13: Should abortion remain legal? Catholic Apologist Trent Horn VS Jonathan Brotherton

Should abortion remain legal?


This will be a LIVE DEBATE between Trent Horn and Jonathan Brotherton. They will be debating whether Abortion should remain legal. Jonny will be taking the affirmative while Trent will take the negative stance. Do not miss this debate as it will be a lively debate and we will have audience participation at the end of the show.

If you would like more information about Trent Horn please refer to the following links. http://trenthorn.com/ and http://www.catholic.com/profiles/trent-horn

To watch the show live and use our interactive chat please click here: http://atheistanalysis.com/current-event/

You can also watch it later on our YouTube page here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOXKVzzZUCo
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Abortion: What Does Science Say on the Matter?

Well, as we all know, abortion is a pretty contentious topic in the United States. It also faces its strongest opposition from religious groups. Considering how we atheists do not believe in God and need to rationally conclude morality for ourselves; we cannot rely on religious moral pronouncements about abortion, but need to come to our own conclusions. Philosophically, there are many different moral stances framing the issue that atheists can take, but we can also apply science to the issue to come to reasonable conclusions. Being essentially a utilitarian, as I have made clear in previous articles, this is my take on the abortion issue. I see the abortion issue as having two different priorities that we need to balance: the life of the fetus and the mother’s right to her own body.

To me, a fetus most certainly is a human life, but we must be careful how we define and frame this issue. Some people see the killing of all human life to be bad, while I obviously disagree in this particular circumstance. It has been said by people who are pro-choice, particularly those not of a religious variety, that life does not begin, but that it continues. A fertilized egg is formed from living components from the mother and the father, and this gives a fertilized egg a distinct set of human DNA, which then grows into a fully born human. In a vacuum, it could be argued by some that this life should not be destroyed, but obviously this fertilization process does not happen within a vacuum. It typically happens in a fully grown, or nearly fully grown human female. This woman has her own priorities and concerns, and these should not be discounted simply because a fetus or an embryo or a fertilized egg is a human life. We must look at how the two priorities between the mother’s concerns and the life of the fetus should be weighed against each other.
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Pro-Life or Pro Choice? You Decide!

Pro-life or pro-choice?  It’s a discussion that isn’t going away any time soon and I wouldn’t presume to be the first to solve the debate.  However, abortion is controversial because it poses a moral dilemma and it infringes on many people’s understanding of acceptable behavior.  Why?  Well, because it involves deliberately terminating what these same people equate to a human life, which they view as a strictly unconscionable act.  The problem for pro-choice advocates is that the unborn child, to them, does not hold the same value as the life of a self-aware, self-regulating, human being existing outside of the womb.  Moreover, what of the mother’s life?  Is the sum total of her memories, experiences and personal growth not worth something substantial?  If her health were at risk due to a pregnancy, shouldn’t her inherent value trump that of a life that hasn’t even started yet? 


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