Cellar Door Skeptics 149: Changing the Political Landscape with Ron, Garnet, and Jerry

The local political discussion continues with Cellar Door Skeptics as they interview politics at the local level who will help make a difference in our society. The GOP continues to want to claim states rights is the only way to go. Well we feel we need to fight back by taking local politics back while moving Michigan from a hazy red toward a strong blue. The wave is coming and without your voice, we can not change society to be more progressive without you.

This week we talk with Ron Draayer running for office in the 72 district, Garnet Lewis in the 26th District, and Jerry in the 89th district. The common theme we talk about is helping the populous of Michigan, while continuing to help those in need. Each candidate focuses on how they can help shape Michigan to be more humanistic in their values while protecting minorities and creating as fair a landscape as possible.

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Segment: Ron Draayer Michigan State Representative for District 72

Segment: Garnet Lewis Michigan State Senator for District 26

Segment: Jerry Sias Michigan State House Dist 89

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Godless Offering E06 Jamila Bey What Makes a Good Interview

This episode of Godless Offering Jamila Bey joins us to talk about what makes a good interview. She also talks about her interview with Henry Rollins and what she would ask Bob Dylan.

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Jamila will be talking about the her new PodCast coming out shortly. She will also talk about the politcal climate in America. Finally she will also talk with us about her activism within the atheist community, her speaking roster, and her work with NPR.

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