Hiding Behind a Mask Of Religious Persecution: Deny a Michigan Gay Couple’s Child Medical Treatment

By now most of you reading this have probably already heard about the Michigan Doctor who refused to treat a Lesbian couples young child for medical service. Now lets make one thing clear, she 10897904_10100399546023366_4555240943183328609_nrefused to treat the child, but there were other adequate medical professionals in the building who could treat the child. This is important, as I do not want anyone to feel that I am trying to make a case that this child went without care. The child did get care, but the question of what morals of individuals who hold deep religion beliefs should be upheld verses what is a violation of personal rights and human flourishing of the species.


This story hits croi-slose to home because I live in Michigan; and as an atheist, I feel that the doctors religious beliefs trumps a persons lifestyle choice and their biological sexual orientation. It would follow that they would be able to discriminate against others who do not match their religious fundamentals, which is a slippery slope that could restrict treatment to others or deny it all together.
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Understanding the Rumors of a Christian God

Here at Atheist Analysis we try to bring the most well balanced materials to our viewers. We do not want people to believe without evidence but sometimes we feel it is necessary to entertain ideas that we have already come to a conclusion on. This is what our series Conversations With Christians is all about. Our goal was to provide a safe environment for Christians that allowed them to express what they believed on different topics. We wanted to provide a space where Christians could bring their beliefs and tell us what and why they believe. We feel that by providing them a space to express what they believe that it will give them more courage to question what they believe and why they believe it. We all know this can be beneficial to getting someone started down the path of skepticism and will hopefully challenge them to really own what they believe.

150107CWCWe also want to provide content so that non believers watching will be able to see what it is like to have a positive interaction with people of faith, while learning methods and answers to some of the theists questions. This environment allows for interaction with the Christians so that we not only will be able to have a dialog but will give people some sense of how a conversation could go. While we won’t claim to be more knowledgeable then other skeptics and atheists, we do provide an environment that gives the chance for both sides to provide dialog in a constructive and positive manner.

Our goal with this series is to talk with people of faith, give the atheist viewer entertainment, and a way for both Christians and Atheist to see why a Christian believes what they believe while giving them a platform to talk rationally. If you enjoy this type of education and entertainment please let us know. If you have individuals that you would recommend to our show please contact our Managing Director Christopher Tanner to schedule them. If you are someone of faith and want a place to discuss your beliefs and show atheists why they should believe also email us and let us know.

We would love for more people to get involved in the conversation. We are the positive team that will allow the Christians to make their points but we will provide counter points and questions that will help everyone to think more deeply about their beliefs. Without this close inspection of everyone’s beliefs, how would we be able to grow. Join us tonight as we talk with David Z Stamp and actor and a Libertarian Christian tell us why he still holds onto his beliefs.

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Have Some of The Newsboys Turned Atheist?

The Newsboys, an Australian Christian Rock band that started in the 1980’s and has received national success within the Christian Rock Scene.  They are responsible for the most recent hit off the sound track God‘s Not Dead and were an intricate part of many children of the late 80’s and 90’s as they were a clean and wholesome group that promoted god through their lyrics and their lives.  But what if we told you that even a band that spent years within the main stream Christian industry has a founding member that was now an Atheist?  That probably would not surprise many of you because most atheists have at least heard of a christian leaving religion and becoming an atheist if not experienced that themselves.  The motives are always different and the story only slightly similar as many atheist have a different story to tell.


Tonight we will be talking George Perdikis, one of the original founding members of The Newsboys group.  We will get to talk with him about why he left the Newsboys, what he has been doing since, and what happens within the Christian Music scene.  He will graciously share his story about leaving the faith.  George also comes to us with some Christian Music Industry experience.  He has a story to tell about the industry and how it has morphed into a money machine that is similar to the secular industries.  We will learn George’s thoughts on what needs to change, and will help to take an inside look into an industry that more and more Christians are leaving.

Lastly tonight, we will talk with Matthew Facciani about the Science behind Religious Belief .  As a Neuroscience major, his expertise will show us why we are drawn towards religion and a more scientific way to counter beliefs.  He will give us a 30 minute presentation that will challenge everyone about on how we talk to people of faith and if there is better methods than what we are currently using.

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Leelah, The Child god Forgot to Save

LeelahThe article you are about to read will be one that has touched my heart deeply. Suicide and depression are something that is of a serious nature, but when it comes by the means of bullying and oppression, I have less tolerance for it. This story is important, as I wanted to contribute to the voices that no longer can share their own voice. We need to stand up not only as allies, but also as the voices for this teenager.

On December 28th at roughly 2 am in Warren County Ohio, a teenager took their own life on the side of the highway. The teenager stepped out into oncoming traffic and was killed by oncoming traffic. While this headline may seem shocking and disturbing by itself since all suicides are tragic, a lose of life at such a young age of 17 compounds the emotional train that took me for a journey as I read through the research for this event.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 2.14.36 PM

But what makes this story even more tragic is the fact that there is a suicide note left on a tumblr account. The suicide note, cryptic as it was, reveals that the teenager that committed suicide was a transgender teen struggling with coming out as her true gender identity. Joshua wanted to be identified as Leelah. She desperately wanted to see a counselor so she could start to the process for transitioning. Now many of you may think that this would be a conversation had with her parents and that help would have been provided at least to see a counselor. Instead her parents instead took her to a Christian counselor. I do not want to speculate as to what was talked about, but according to Leelah’s tumblr we can conclude that she at least saw the counselor as someone with a bias torwards what she was going through. We do not know exactly what counselors she was taken to but in her suicide not, Leelah specifically calls them out as having an agenda. What is even more tragic is the call for help she gave to her parents. They instead grounded her and isolated her away from the world, well of course except for taking her to church.Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 2.15.28 PM

This story breaks my heart as I was reading it. It breaks my heart because this lonely girl was trapped in a body she did not feel was her own. She was relocated to the corner of her parents’ life because their religion deemed her “unfit” or “against god” according to what their religion taught them. Their fucking religion came before their own daughter and her health. Their religion or how they acted on their belief is what caused her depression to go untreated. We lost a bright light this week, to the confines and restrictions that accompany religion. So if you will excuse my language and excuse my demeanor, but when this type of tragedy happens, and religion is the driving force behind what denied this young girl the help she needed, I can not help myself when I agree with Christopher Hitchens that “Religion Poisons Everything.” Had religion not been apart of this family’s life, this girl may still be alive. Leelah wanted only a few things, love and acceptance. She was denied love from her family, and she was denied proper treatment. Even if she would not have been able to find love from her family, they could have at least taken her to a counselor that would have helped her to find the strength within her self to appreciate who she wanted to be.

Some will say that her father Doug or her mother Carla were just bad parents, and that maybe it was not religion that helped them make their decision to take her to a Christian counselor. Some will say look how many others have overcome or gained an understanding of gender equality, and do not treat their children in the same manner. To those people I say, “good for you.” But look at what you had to overcome. You had to overcome a doctrine that talks badly about women. You had to overcome a doctrine that calls for the stoning of homosexuals. A doctrine that god calls for the killing of innocent humans because they were “evil”. This book is something that contains atrocities comparable to the holocaust. And even if you could use apologetics to twist what was written into something that makes you feel comfortable worshiping this god of the bible, you still have to contend with the religious side that has mutated to help control the population to make sure that it’s beliefs remain relevant. Even if we left the doctrine alone, we still have the malicious groups who strive to infect their beliefs that only men and women should marry and that there is no such thing as a transgender individual. Some of these groups push that being transgender is a selfish position, and that it is ultimately a sin. So to those who say it could have been the parents, while this could be true, at least their church pushed the belief that being a transgender is not a natural state of being, and we can say that if the religion was not there this belief would have been less likely held by her parents.Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 12.47.59 PM

So now we are stuck here, with a sad story that will haunt us. What will we do? Where do we go? I pose the first and foremost thing is to bring to light the true story. A gracious city official posted this on his Facebook, and Danielle Muscato from American Atheists shared it. She sparked my desire to write this blog, to say something on behalf of Leelah. But we need to do more. We need to get this story to the news. We need to get the news outlets to change their online feeds to correct the conception that this was a young “man” that died and that it was a young women. We need to out what the Christian community instilled in her parents and seek to bring awareness to all those struggling that there is a way out. We need to build communities that welcome in wayward teens who are struggling to find themselves or to help them become the true gender they desire. Most importantly we must not forget Leelah. We must push for the family to give her a proper burial as the girl Leelah wanted to be. We need to get the story to the media so that the truth can be heard.

If you feel moved by this piece please contact her family, contact the media and help me get the word out to correct the perception and allow for Leelah to rest in peace the way she would want to be.

Leelah’s Tumblr: http://lazerprincess.tumblr.com/
Leelah’s Suicide Note: http://lazerprincess.tumblr.com/post/106447705738/suicide-note
Leelah’s pictures identifying her: http://lazerprincess.tumblr.com/post/106096940091/im-seeing-a-bunch-of-people-do-a-6-selfies-of

Leelah’s Father Doug: https://www.facebook.com/doug.alcorn
Leelah’s Mother Carla: https://www.facebook.com/carla.alcorn

Original News Article: http://m.abc22now.com/news/Teen_Struck_and_Killed_on_I-71_in_Warren_County?mobileredirect=true
Recent News Story: http://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/warren-county/joshua-alcorn-kings-mill-teen-killed-on-i-71-remembered-as-sweet-talented
Email address of local news station: webteam@wcpo.com

Links if you need help



Reddit Article: http://www.reddit.com/r/atheism/comments/2qufpb/leelah_the_child_god_forgot_to_save/

Live Debate Sunday! Should Abortion Be Legal with Trent Horn & Jonathan Brotherton

Atheist Analysis S03 E13: Should abortion remain legal? Catholic Apologist Trent Horn VS Jonathan Brotherton

Should abortion remain legal?


This will be a LIVE DEBATE between Trent Horn and Jonathan Brotherton. They will be debating whether Abortion should remain legal. Jonny will be taking the affirmative while Trent will take the negative stance. Do not miss this debate as it will be a lively debate and we will have audience participation at the end of the show.

If you would like more information about Trent Horn please refer to the following links. http://trenthorn.com/ and http://www.catholic.com/profiles/trent-horn

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