Science, Evidence, and Faith

As I connect with other Atheists, I have noticed that many base their non-belief on science or a lack of evidence that God exists.


Does one need to state that there is no scientific evidence to justify not believing in God? To quote many climate deniers, “I’m no scientist.” I also believe that science is not necessarily a requisite of Atheism.
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A Critique on Religious Belief and the Common Ways Believers Defend Them

Part 1 of 2

The recent developments in the middle east and yet another videotaped murder of a non combatant has motivated me to raise awareness in regards to the consequences that unjustified religious beliefs have on society.  I welcome all comments and counterarguments.

I feel that religion has been granted immunity from rational criticism in human discourse. Pretending to know things that you do not know somehow passes as wisdom within social circles. Religion is seen as a force for good and gets a free pass on even the most ridiculous and divisive postulations.

Religion has balkanized our world into separate moral communities.  People are organizing their lives around a propositional claim that one of their books has been dictated by the creator of the universe or that a piece of real estate has been promised to them in an omniscient real estate deal.

These beliefs are representations of a possible state of the world and they do have consequences. These beliefs typically subsume infatuations like the end of history and apocalyptic prophecy.  These ideas have geopolitical consequences and we constantly see the work being done throughout the world on issues like medical research, contraception, abortion, marriage equality, homosexuality, morality, and sex and science education. Continue reading “A Critique on Religious Belief and the Common Ways Believers Defend Them”