Brainwashing and the Involuntary Suspension of Critical Thinking

John_Broadus_Watson“Give me a dozen healthy infants, well-formed, and my own specified world to bring them up in and I’ll guarantee to take any one at random and train him to become any type of specialist I might select.”

-John Watson (The father of Behavioral Sciences) Behaviorism, 1930



It would seem to be incumbent on behaviorists to not only employ an active reach into the traumas and stresses of those they are beholden to (the communities of their service) but also to actively offer what tools and powers available to protect the people from becoming victims in the same sense. For this reason I feel the necessity to, in the fair brevity of this blog format, offer what small gems of wisdom I can from my studies into Applied Behavioral Sciences.


Firstly it is important to identify the problem at hand, in this case the active shaping of the personality and thinking of others, dubbed brainwashing or thought reform, this concept may once have been seen more science fiction than actual science, but has gained considerable credibility since the Korean War wherein American POW’s reported attempts to reshape their personality and thinking by Chinese and North Korean captors.

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