Bi Weekly Blasphemy 10: Life and Death with Dignity

Recorded last week but tying in nicely with the wonderful show we had on Sunday December 7th 2014 Deafilosophy ruminates. A few weeks have passed and Brittany Maynard has been given the peace and respect she deserves, I have decided to ask the big questions, embrace the thousand yard perspective, and if we really need the government to make laws on what should simply be the ultimate freedom over your life or death with dignity.


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When in Doubt, Blame the Brown People.

There has to be a bad guy, there has to be a face of evil, we need that concentrated source, we have to have a villain… Otherwise we would share in the blame.  We would share in the fault, the creation of a power vacuum, and the growth of an elite ruling class so far removed as to have forsaken any trace of human faculties or characteristics.

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