Fundamentally Fundamental about the Fundamentals of Fundies: Facepalms of Biblical Proportions

Despite loose usage of the term and the tossing about of its diminutive form, “fundamentalist” is not a pejorative: the word was invented by conservative Christians for purposes of self-identification and bears an exact meaning that has only secondarily to do with attitude. I’m well acquainted with the history of this word because it is my interesting fortune to have been raised in one of the small, fractious, separatist, backwater Christian sects that coined it around the turn of the 20th century.


By the time I was born at mid-century, Missionary Baptist churches all over the U.S. South proudly touted their fundamentalist bona fides on the signs that identified them: “Independent – Bible-believing – Fundamental.” While dismissing the historic creeds as the inventions of fallen man, such churches showed not the least hesitation in publishing “statements of faith” (as though “creed” meant something different) sometimes disguised as “church covenants,” and those published statements always included an article such as “We believe the Bible to be the divinely-inspired and wholly inerrant Word of God.” Fundamentalists of the other monotheistic religions hold a similar attitude regarding their various “holy books.” Belief in the divine origin of a “sacred scripture” is essential to fundamentalists of all sects, because it’s the primary premise – often unspoken – in all of their arguments.


What I wish I could say to fundamentalists of all stripes (and wish they could hear me when I say it) is that their foundational premise is false. The Bible is most certainly not the Word of God: it has no more to do with the (alleged) creator of the universe than the Qur’an, the Book of Mormon or the Left Behind series.
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Biblical Contradictions Explained #1: Guest Theist Bernhard Visscher, the Tomb, and the Stone.

New guest blogs from Bernhard Visscher, our potential resident Theist, will be providing a different perspective on a variety of topics.  He will be providing explanations for biblical contradictions to start and much more as time goes on.  Get involved in the conversation and lets keep things respectable.  Thanks from everyone here at Atheist Analysis!

Bible Contradictions explained.

The Alleged Contradiction: What Was the State of Jesus’ Tomb During the Approach?:

Mark 16:4, Luke 24:2, John 20:1 – The stone in front of Jesus’ tomb had been rolled away

Matthew 28:1-2 – The stone in front of Jesus’ tomb was still in place and would be rolled away later

Summary of Alleged Contradiction:  The stone was either rolled away when the women got there or it was not.  Since the gospels claim both how can they be true?

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