In Vitro Fertilization: A Genocide of Our Time

A slight twinge of confusion, a raised eyebrow, and even an open mouth; this is the face I imagine you are making after making it though that title. You wish to know how someone can establish a connection between the procedure that has been responsible for the birth of approximately five million children in the last thirty five years and the term genocide. Let us begin, shall we?

The process.

Few people besides those who have encountered a need for this procedure know the process specifics aside from the basics. Embryos are taken from the female patient and are either frozen or kept “fresh”, for lack of a better word. The reason being that of probabilities, as the frozen embryos have a higher rate of failure through a variety of natural pregnancy termination occurrences as well as intentional termination when the fetus is known to be ostensibly malformed.

Another reason for freezing the embryos is to attempt multiple zygote implantation, fertilized embryos cultured to a cluster of a few hundred or more cells, to increase the chances of one or more taking hold. This is responsible for the stories we hear of rare cases where extremely numerous births occur to be immediately followed by reality television contracts on “educational” channels.

The risk.

The estimate is, these are very rough approximations as the entire world is included, that there is a 50 to 85 percent failure rate with potentially even worse values in some countries, such as China, with the capabilities but do not report their records. Certain locations have absolutely abysmal success records making it necessary to thoroughly research any fertility clinics before trust can be established and measures confirmed to avoid contamination or misstep. There are very specific factors such Pelvic Inflammatory Disease which causes infertility and which now counts for one in five of all gynecological admissions that reduce the success rates of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) even further.

Basic scientific findings and relevant risk understanding aside HOW IS THIS GENOCIDE?

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“In Freedom We Trust: An Atheist Guide to Religious Liberty” Review and Ruminations


One of the most frustrating features of being an evidence based rationalist is all that damn evidence.  It would be so easy to simply “pick” a position because when asked you merely have to point to a dusty book or towards the sky and say: “Cuz its true”  Can you imagine the ease with which you could navigate through life, the comfort of the weight of the world cast to the shoulders of some omnipotent curmudgeon, and of course the simplicity of human interaction when your point of view is the only one that matters?

I can only imagine the clear simplicity, the deep echoes of empty mental hallways, and the quiet peacefulness of a sign on the wall that simply says “When in doubt, GOD”.  I don’t always romanticize ignorance but when I do its usually at 3:24 in the morning and I have to work at 7.  The noise is inescapable, the data insurmountable, and the arguments are eternal when I simply wish to drift off to restless dreams.

Cue Ed Buckner’s book “In Freedom We Trust: An Atheist Guide to Religious Liberty”.  Okay, first off that sounds like a dig on this book, suggesting that it is a narcolepsy inducing snooze fest but alas it was exactly the opposite.  This book is a toolbox, one in which a reader could put all the arguments, the thoughts, and the questions in their respective drawers for safe keeping.  Using the wonderfully compiled set of resources in the “Selected Bibliography” I could read for months and never learn the same thing twice.

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