Gay Marriage is About Equality

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From entire countries making marriage between same-sex couples legal to individual states and the President declaring legality and support, and now the Supreme Court declaring bans to be unconstitutional, gay marriage is here. Unfortunately this radical-gay agenda hopes to indoctrinate our children into having sin-filled sexual escapades resulting in the utter and complete destruction of civilization as we know it and the dissolution of humanity due to our inability to have any more babies. Oh wait, I’m sorry, that’s what the conservative moralists are saying. Much like I’ve always wondered what the mind of Stephen King looks like that it’s capable of coming up with such incredible horror stories, I also wonder what the mind of the conservative looks like when they come up with such ridiculous end-of-the-world statements. But then again, we’re not talking rationality here and we’re certainly not talking about the law, but about fear. And nothing spells fear like armageddon. Opponents of “similar marriage” (remember that California beauty queen talking about “opposite marriage?” yeah, the comment is still ridiculous), are tied to this notion of preserving the institution of marriage.

I’ve heard it said, clearly by a comedic genius, that given you can no longer sell your daughter for four sheep and six bushels of wheat then marriage has changed. Ignoring this historical shift, though I’m quite sure some wouldn’t mind going back to it, is fairly easily done for those more interested in ideological purity than connection with reality, but there does seem to be something here about that pesky thing called an “institution.” The term holds two different and not exactly concomitant definitions as it pertains to marriage. The first is legal, as it is an institution created and maintained by law for the purposes of establishing certain property and social rights upon two people who willingly enter into a contract.Yes, marriage in legal terms is a contract. It is not, at that level, the pairing of two souls, or the completion of two-halves who sought their whole lives for that missing piece to their personal jigsaw puzzle. Rather, it is a means of establishing contractual obligations within a particular social relationship. There are laws like this for every social relationship, from the student-teacher to the cop-citizen, because in every relationship there will be or already is a disparity of power. Whether that difference is part of the original scheme or whether it is potential, laws are in place, ideally, to address these disparities and help make social relationships more equal. We are a nation that was built upon and progresses forward through the rule of law. Without it we are nothing more than a hodge-podge of city-states and geographical regions. The United States of America is a legal creation not a divine one. This country was established as a bright city on the hill to hold up the ideals of a democratic society, where rationality is embodied in the rule of law and serves as the medium for social exchange of ideas.
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Bi Weekly Blasphemy 7: A 2014 Mid-Term Election Resource

This weeks post is a resource for the upcoming Mid-Term Election. These are some of my quickly cobbled together resources but there are tons out there. Please take the time to find out who and what you are voting for and get involved. ITS ONLY A FEW HOURS EVERY TWO YEARS AND IT IS INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT. Thanks for watching and happy democratic republics to you all my friends.
State Level Page (Just Replace “michigan” with other state)

County Level Access Page (Search for your County Page!)

The PDF of the Voting Options

Oakland County Michigan Page (FIND YOURS)

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Bible vs Democracy


Is the Bible Really Compatible with American Democratic ideals?

Something that bothered me when I deconverted from Christianity two years ago, and still does today, is that the harder I think about certain aspects of the lessons in the Bible the less I find it compatible with many modern, Western ideals that we take for granted, such as democracy and freedom of thought. While in the Bible, God is the supreme, unelected dictator of the universe who must be mindlessly obeyed, here in the United States, we believe that people are free to choose their own ruler and express their own opinions.

The United States was founded when a group of people decided they had enough of a government they had no control over and decided that people should have the right to elect their own rulers. While, admittedly, our declaration of independence from England was in a sense founded in some belief in a god, it was not a theistic god, but a deistic one. When the U.S. Constitution was founded in 1789, God was nowhere to be found, and the First Amendment’s religion clause deemed that affairs of church and state remain separate. The First Amendment also granted people many freedoms of thought and expression, including the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion. This was done because mixing church and state often led to oppression in the past. It led to the suppression of free thought in Europe, and even bitter conflicts between people who believed slightly different versions of the same religion. In colonial America, we saw similar repression as those who sought religious freedom ended up denying it to others. There can be no freedom if religion dictates the affairs of the state, or if the state dictates the affairs of religion.

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god, the Perfect Tool for Dismantling Democracy


I’m going to take the bait… I agree, “There is a war against us” and it will destroy the foundation upon which this great nation was built. The limits, checks, balances, and separation of powers will all fall to this mighty foe, a destroyer without equal, without substance, a viral kamikaze devoted to its own destruction before it could admit error. A universal evil taking many forms and all of them being that of a dark harbinger riding ionized clouds of nuclear radiation to the promised land…

Of course I am speaking of god, your god, his god, the one true god, almighty god, the list goes on but one thing remains the same. Ask the devout and they will tell you as long as humankind as been, there has always been god. At first faith was fragmented but with the creation of an inconsistent cannon of holy books it was coagulated into one; roughly speaking as the judeo/christian/islamic spikes are part of the same core monotheistic trinity. The one true source of good has supposedly been there since the beginning but I ask you what else has been there with god, feeding off god, drinking the blood of god?


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