The Blind Facebook Algorithm is Eating Anti-Racism

An old post where I was disparaging racism and white nationalists was flagged on Facebook and I was banned for a day today and tomorrow… The following is a paraphrase of what was in the post…


Tucker Carlson recently espoused something frighteningly close to blatant white nationalism; he said: “Their goal is to change your country forever and they are succeeding by the way.”


That statement — “Their goal is to change your country forever” — is hideously close to the 14 words white supremacists and little Nazis like Stephen Miller like to spout.


14 words: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”


If this is the country they want, I would agree with Tucker. My goal is to change this country forever to one where bitter old men don’t decide it’s fine to abuse brown people and children. If that’s what he means, then fine. And let’s consign Fox News to the garbage bin of history while we’re at it too.


Credit to the following site for the great thoughts.


So the zuckerberg algorithm just assumes that if those words are in a group that its racism? The AI apocalypse is hardly in danger if simple context is simply impossible…


Just another reason I don’t see a long future with Facebook for me.

-Chris Hanna

Cellar Door Skeptics 121: MRSA Infects Facebook

Cellar Door Skeptics pulls out all the stops this week with an Amazing episode ready for your listening pleasure. The show begins with a look at a new antibiotic that is in animal trials that could help super flu diseases like MRSA. They look at what the new study has found and how promising it could be to helping stop the rate of death caused by this awful disease.

After they pour out a little hand sanitizer on their microphones, the duo look at Facebook and its breach of personal integrity and a degradation of Facebook morals. Tanner downloads his facebook history and they talk about the damage done and how it feels Facebook does not want to admit wrongdoing.

The show closes tonight talking about ICE detention centers. After an NPR article was released a few months ago, they decide to look into what detention centers mean and how awful it is to live in a government mandated housing run by for profit companies.

Do not forget if you want to meet Cellar Door Skeptics and share a pint or two with them, they will be at the Michigan Atheist Convention April 7th in Detroit.

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Bi Weekly Blasphemy 11: Dont be a D!#%

The return of the Bi-Weekly Blasphemy, after a New Years hiatus, is a call to action against forum trolls and to step up in the necessity for us to act as we wish others would, to lead by example in making a difference in this world.


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Christians/Atheists/Agnostics/Jews/Muslims/Etc – Don’t be This Guy

There are many discussion groups online where open minded religious and non-religious folk can get together and exchange ideas. Many of these groups (or at least the ones I frequent) are places where differing ideas are gently exchanged with the understanding that disagreements will occur no matter what, as is the nature of the conversations taking place.


For the most part everyone is civil and the information exchanges are often enlightening and educational for people on either side of belief…


…but every now and then a ‘Ronald’ comes along, as can be seen in the thread below. While believers like this provide great entertainment for atheists and Christians alike, they also cause harm to people in religious communities who try to convey an image of open mindedness, kindness, and acceptance- all that “WWJD” stuff. Anyone who engages in online debates in this fashion: please stop. You are doing your fellow believers a disservice and not offering any reason for atheists to consider your side of the story. In fact, the only thing you provide is evidence of believers’ inability to think critically and engage in open minded discussion.


Anyway, so everything starts out in typical fashion…
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To Live and Love, A Woman Bares Her Scars in Defiance

I met this woman a couple days ago in a debate group.  She was defending the pro-choice position and she happened to agree with some of my arguments and statements.  So I thought I would request to be her friend on facebook.  Today, she posted what is below, I read it and was genuinely moved.  I think this story, as raw as it is, paints a great picture of a life that even through hardship has come out strong.  She has a desire to fight, a desire to love, and she has endured loss as well as tragedy.  This story is about her life and what she has overcome.  She was responding to a 30 year old who happened to call her old and told her that she was unbelievable.  This woman told her that she was old enough to be her grandmother and that there was no way she could get her facts straight because of this.


When I read the post I was in awe that someone would use age as a reason to dismiss what another individual had to say.  So I asked her if she would share her voice with us.



Below is the short story of Karen Zimmerman, a warrior for justice, a mother, a lover, and someone I am glad to have found.  Her story has touched me and I hope that it touches you as well.  This is unedited and raw; please understand the poetry of her words.  Thank you Karen for letting me share this with my audience.


-Forward Written By: Christopher Tanner

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