This Court is Now in Session: Christianity Does Daytime Court TV

Case Number 6.6-6: Christianity vs. Objective Reasoning

Plaintiff – Christianity

Defendant – Objective Reasoning

Presiding Judge – Judge Sye Entific Methud

This is a non-jury trial

Plaintiff is required to prove the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The defendant will defend against this supernatural claim.

Judge: Plaintiff, you may proceed.

Christianity: Your honor, we claim that the biblical Jesus was crucified, died, and then rose from the dead 3 days later as stated in the bible.

Judge: What is your evidence to prove this claim?

Christianity: The bible, your honor.

Judge: How so?

Christianity: It is written in the bible that Jesus died, rose from the dead, and that there were witnesses to this account.

Judge: Who were these witnesses?

Christianity: A few women, one named Mary, the apostles, and some others. Also, the Apostle Paul claims a higher number, I believe it was 500.

Judge: Could you provide their full names and their sworn written testimonies to this account?

Christianity: No, we don’t have any full names or sworn testimonies, but later on a man named Paul was knocked off his horse by a vision of God and God told him that this account is true.

Judge: Hold on a minute. These eye witnesses, how do you know that they are not lying or were have been tricked in some way?

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