6 Powerful Steps to Leave Your Comfort Zone

We enjoy the security and predictability of our daily routines. We’re afraid of rejection, judgment, and failure.  We avoid risk and the unknown. We go from exploring and taking risks every day as children, to holding ourselves back, playing it safe, and ultimately limiting our personality, capability, and potential.

comfort zone relates to anxiety levels.  It is defined in psychology as an artificial mental boundary. A place or situation where one feels safe, comfortable, in control, or at ease and without stress.

In layman’s terms: a behavior pattern that fits a predictable routine to minimize stress; where we feel most at home.

It’s easy being comfortable and there’s nothing wrong with having somewhere familiar to return to. But too much comfort can make us lazy and kill productivity.
You can’t motivate yourself to make real improvement while feeling content.  You’ll find yourself doing only enough to get by.  Leading to missed opportunities and regret.
It takes a lot of courage to break yout of our comfort zone, but it can be a great for your self-esteem and provide lasting happiness and fulfillment.Learning to face the unknown not only becomes easier with practice, but can be very liberating and surprisingly habit forming.

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Play Like a Child

I already mentioned on here that I am trying to transition from the job that I’ve had for 6-7 years now and plan on trying a new venture. Instead of playing poker for a living, I am going to play writer. Right now is an exciting time for me. I feel as though I am currently going through the most intense emotional workout camp that I have ever experienced. Throughout the course of writing my first book, which will be mostly autobiographical , I will be continuously challenged. It is tough work sharing personal experiences with others, especially on the kind of scale that I have so far in this blog. I will go deeper in the book, and hopefully it will reach an even bigger audience. Why not? Why would I want to stay at the same level? Don’t I want to push myself? To get through it, I will want to be the strongest type of person I know: a child.



I don’t know how I am going to deal with the intensity of continuously being vulnerable. Throughout this blog I have, on various occasions, ripped myself open to see what is there. Just looking at oneself in this way is tough. It is real, honest, and it forces one to look at themselves in the most vulnerable way. I am not good, I am not bad, I just am. I am whatever I am. I can cover myself back up and ignore what I saw, or I can accept my past and build on it. I prefer to look at it as an opportunity for a lesson. How can I improve myself? My 8 year old self knew I was not perfect, but I was determined to get better. At 28 years old, I hope that I am as wise as my 8 year old self was in this regard.

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