Rula Jabreal: Another “Moderate” Muslim Lying for Her Extremist Comrades


By Fabrizioferri [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Once again one of my favourite shows has been hijacked completely by the topic of Islam. In a career spanning three decades Bill Maher has criticised every religion he can manage, but now it seems he has taken a step too far, because he has insulted … gasp … ISLAM. Oh dear.

Islam: the lovely peaceful religion that asks its followers to kill anyone of another faith, the woman-loving religion that claims one man is worth two women, the tolerant faith that orders the death of anyone who draws a cartoon or writes a book about the Prophet big Mo, the child friendly religion that makes excuses for its most famous Prophet marrying a six year old girl (even moderate scholars deem Mohammed a paedophile under our understanding), only to consummate with her when she turned nine years old (total gentleman), the all knowing and perfect religion that claims the world is flat and falsely proclaims that sperm comes from between the backbone and the ribs – regardless of how loud the Dr’s laugh. Yes that Islam, and people wonder why it needs to be criticised?
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Israel/Palestine Logical Fallacy


Here we are again. The plague of anger that formally began in the early 1960’s is back to haunt us once more. Many times through the history of my family (all of our families in fact) my descendants turned on the T.V. to witness another bomb in the middle-east. How sad that this is seen as a broad statement, you could literally mention hundreds of conflicts, and thousands of bombs in that area between 1964 and 2014. I am talking about Israel and Palestine. I will not attempt to stand on one side of the fence regarding this conflict; many people do this and miss out on a fundamental opportunity to lay blame squarely on the idiocy of humanity.
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