Letter from the Editor: I’m Just Tired

As the title says, I’m just tired, exhausted, worn down, exasperated… Does anyone else feel it?


Wait, let me elaborate before you sigh and cast your weary gaze to the back button, expecting this to be nothing but a series of complaints from a millennial who actually has to work for his money. You would be quite wrong, of course, as I rarely give people exactly what they expect.


As an activist, blogger, podcast host, engineer, homeowner, small business owner, husband, responsible pet owner, and soon to be father of a tiny human female I accept the weariness this will dispel. I understand that life can be filled with siestas and 40 hour cog in the machine workweeks if one can willingly submit. I understand all of these things but that is not the reason for my fatigue, it is the repetition.



Repetition in argumentation, repetition in political idiocy, repetition in online bigotry, repetition in financial irresponsibility, repetition of traditional oppression, and the list goes on and on…


I am so tired of the same arguments from the right wing arch conservatives: gay marriage will destroy all moral structure ending in malicious bestiality, deregulation of the economy will create more jobs not slave wages and serfdom, tax breaks-school funding / social programming cuts will force the poor to actually work, and Obama is a Muslim Nazi.


I am so tired of reading stories of political leaders announcing their intentions to take big money out of politics when we can see the list of their campaign contributors are the top wall street mega corporations. I am tired of politicians charged with protecting the American people putting “Freedom”, “Patriot”, or “Religious Freedom” at the beginning of some of the most subversive legislation to ever attack our basic human rights. And, I am tired of a two party system that uses unethical financial bullying to prevent decent discourse and the diversity of the people from being represented in our “Democratic Republic” election cycles.
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To Watch, or to Be Watched, That is the Question

© Deafilosophy – Chris Hanna

All over the country we are seeing a renaissance of weapons technology, surveillance equipment, and military trickle down economics (the only place I have actually seen that ridiculous term valid when applied).  We see it on the news every day: “New police tank complete with drone squadron delivered to town of 364 people!” Correspondingly, inside we feel a twinge of panic, at least I do.


There is an interesting situation developing as we see the proliferation of monitoring technology and the continuation of Moore’s law, for a little while longer as the silicon chip is still holding up to miniaturization demands, but that does not mean it will be easy to find the best social course of action.  The idea of drones, of eyes in the sky, is immediately Orwellian for anyone who has read 1984, but even the mention of that fine author and his masterworks, also including Animal Farm, will draw a blank look on the faces of today’s youth.


Yes I said today’s youth, there it is, my transitional moment into atheist codgerdom, where I will be in good company with well read individuals like my friend David Goza.  The point is, we are looking at a generation that increasingly looks to the moment for instant understanding, advice, and direction.  This massive shift in attention duration and historical learning will skew or bias the findings, ultimately I fear, to something akin to doublethink.
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