Science ‘Proves’ Jack the Ripper, Next God?


I know this is a stretch, but please follow me down the rabbit hole. As we know, it would have been absurd to believe that humans had evolved or had any connection on a molecular level to many species around us one hundred years before Darwins day; that is exactly why no one believed it (mostly). Before Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) was discovered by Watson & Crick, it would have been almost impossible to truly know who had committed a serious crime without catching the perpetrator red handed, but now it is just the natural progression of how one would investigate a crime scene. Science pushes itself forward in ways we could never have dreamed mere generations before – in my opinion the truest beauty of all that is around us is the understanding and the ignorance that only science can bring us.
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Will the Real Moderate Muslims Please Stand Up?


Since my first post was against The Catholic Church, I think it’s only fair that I show equality to all religions.

As a young boy I saw around 1 million people marching against the Iraq war in London, many of them Muslim, it was the first time I ever saw Muslims marching in their droves for peace. What is striking about this – and what is the topic of intrigue today – I have yet to see that since. It’s not like there hasn’t been reason to, the list of atrocities to stand against is staggering; some of them against Muslims, but most of them by Muslims. Continue reading “Will the Real Moderate Muslims Please Stand Up?”