Cellar Door Skeptics 173:Changing Your Mind Through Psychedelics

Cellar Door Skeptics is back again with another timeless episode. This week the duo take a break from a solely political episode to talk about the book How to Change Your Mind. They journey through some of the studies that talk about psychedelics and how they can affect us and what the sciences are saying about them. They also review studies about micro dosing and how those affect how people perceive “alternative medicines”. They do touch on how trump might not be good for himself in the midst of the 2020 election looming over us.

The show ends as usual with Tanner and Hanna’s quick save selections for the week.

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Chris Hanna: Season that Cast Up
Tanner: Bands from the Past

Carnivorous Rabbits and the Tasty Skeptical Mind

The story:

Rabbits have gone carnivorous. I saw it with my own eyes.

I was just minding my own business, going for my daily jog, when I saw these two fluffy bunnies chase down a stray mutt, kick it to death with their hind legs, and then tear into its matted hide. Just about scared me to death. I was so stunned I didn’t even think to try and shoo them away before they did the poor mutt in. I just stood there in the early morning sun, my jaw hanging down to my chest, watching them rip off hunks of dog meat and swallow it down like vultures. It wasn’t until one of the damn things looked up at me with its beady red eyes, buck teeth dripping with blood, that I finally shook off the shock of it all and ran home. It was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen. So really, take my word for it, keep away from the bunnies.


Monty Python was right!
Monty Python was right!

Anyone out there actually believe that I saw two rabbits kill and eat a stray dog? Hell, anyone out there believe that I went for a morning jog? Probably not.
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Imagination and Indoctrination, A Window Into the Mythical Realms of the Mind Including the Dangers Therein

The most uniquely human feature of our inner life is that dimension of consciousness called “imagination.” The reason it’s called that is because in the exercise of it, our minds create mental images. In some cases, those images have an important shaping influence on our lives; indeed, it is human imagination that has shaped the modern world.


This may be illustrated by taking Magritte’s Treachery of Images to what was surely its intended logical conclusion: every painting is a representation of its author’s “vision” (another word for image in this case, drawn not from “to see” but “to visualize”), and to the extent that the painting is an accurate representation of that image, it may be judged successful. That success itself is the end product of a technique that was gradually acquired by imagining the precise elements of motor control that would load the brush just so, move it across the canvas in a way calculated to achieve the desired outcome, and so forth – and then by going to work developing those very techniques that the imagination suggested.


The things that are true of paintings and their bringing-to-life are also true of musical compositions, poems, internal combustion engines, buildings, highway interchanges, radio telescopes, financial empires, atomic bombs and so forth. Science and art are the two preeminent products of the human imagination. Religion is another, unfortunately deeply-tainted: more on this later.
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