Cellar Door Skeptics 164: Everyone Is Awesome and Agnostic Except Jesus


This episode functions like the Lego Movie’s theme of “Everything is Awesome” while looking at being an Agnostic Atheist. They start the episode out by talking the phenomena that Hanna has found where Paper Airplanes are playing a new role in automation. The show moves toward a discussion on how the Bible is not only a harmful to display in schools but may also be harmful to Christians as they take their journey with their faith. They then interview Marie from Everyone’s Agnostic Podcast with her decision to join the show and her desire to help those who want to leave their faith and need stories to guide them through the journey. The show ends with Tanner and Hannas quicksaves.

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Intro: Airplane Spectacular Phenomena
Segment: Teaching the bible in school may be harmful to Christians
Segment: Everyone’s Agnostic Podcast Interview
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Instagram: @everyonesagnostic
YouTube: tinyurl.com/sayyestowhatis
Tanner: Remove Plane Cabins Disaster
Hanna’s: 100 Years of Wealth

On Barricades and the Stifling of Divergent Opinion

I’m going to use some ugly words in this essay. It makes me squirm whenever I have to do that, but in this case it’s necessary in order to make my point.


During the formative years of my life I spent every Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday evening at the Missionary Baptist Church in which my parents (well, mostly my mother) raised me. I got to know that church’s teachings very well: I was one of those kids who took everything very seriously and listened carefully to what the authority figures – chief among whom was the pastor of said church – had to say. I was then (as now) a very impressionable, vulnerable person. This trait is sometimes described as “hypersensitivity.” It’s the reason that I became a musician. It is also the reason that I have taken “spiritual” things so seriously throughout my life: there’s no doubt in my mind that I’ve read the Bible much more closely than most Christians, and I’ve scrutinized the holy books of some other cultures almost as thoroughly. More importantly, I have reflected deeply on that reading: have tried to download it into my very cells. I’ve been open to it all, and believed it all. I need to enlarge a little on that in order to make my meaning clear.
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Personal Journey Series: My Atheist Testimony

I get a lot of messages, most of which are asking about my deconversion from christianity. People want to know why I left, what it meant to me when I was a christian, and why I don’t see any reason to return. For anyone who has asked, and anyone else who is curious, here is my testimony.


I started life as an atheist. My parents, who were both raised as catholics, never felt the need to force religion or god upon me. I have never seen my mother or father as being faithful. As an adult I have come to know my dad is an atheist and my mother is (basically) a pantheist. My mum and dad were both followers of a man called Prem Rawat (Maharaji), an Indian guru with millions of followers world-wide who preaches peace and love. Many consider him to be a new messiah (he does not claim this himself). My parents often encouraged me to embrace the messages / teachings of Maharaji throughout my childhood and teenage years, but I never connected.


What I did connect with, though, was christianity. At age 6 my mum enrolled me into two christian institutions; the nearby lutheran church Sunday school and the local Girls Brigade company (pic below). Her only motivation for doing this was free childcare. She and my dad had divorced when I was 5 and my mum was working full time – the church offered what was ultimately cheap babysitting. For me though, it would start me on a path that would consume my existence for the next 15 years.
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