Cellar Door Skeptics 165: Be Intellectually Humble Through Intelligent Speculation

Well if you have not heard the news, #45 is not shutting down the government, but issuing a national emergency to get his ridiculous wall built. This week on the show we had to address the wall, some of the criticisms or lies that he is supporting to try and fund the wall, and how there could be an emerging law suit all because he has to brag about his supposed accomplishments.

The interview part of the show is with a PHD candidate of Physics and creator of Intellegent Speculation Platform. We discuss with him what he purposes as the laws of critical thinking, how he became a freethinker, and his journey to agnosticism. Given the climate we live in, this is an important subject we hope everyone engages in to try with the upcoming elections.

The show closes talking about our charity of the week and our Quick Saves.

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Segment: Declaring a National Emergency Over Nothing
Segment: Interview with Jonathan Maloney
Charity of the Week: Black History Months Charity Navigator
QuickSave segment
Tanner: African American Inventors
Hanna: A Hitch Slap for ol’ Seanny

Off the Deep End with Chris Hanna: Gravitational Waves

A deep dive into the Nobel Prize winning LIGO discovery of gravitational waves, confirming Einstein’s predictions from his Theory of General Relativity. Is this segment Chris Hanna explains the detectors, LIGO and aLIGO, as well as a rudimentary explanation of the physics necessary to measure these ripples in Space-Time.

Cellar Door Skeptics #91: Military Transgender Ban / Voting in Off Years / Gerrymandering / Physics Life

Coming back this week with a politically charged action packed episode, we will be discussing the Transgender Ban from mr Donald Trump with Marissa McCool.  Later we tackle voter registration with Christopher Reader and why local politics are needed in off years.  We also will cover Gerrymandering and what the new Michigan law will bring if it gets passed.  Lastly we close talking about if Life came from nothing and if it was random chance or design.


#Transgender #MilitaryBan #VoterRegistration #Gerrymandering #Physics


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Fundamentally Fundamental about the Fundamentals of Fundies: Facepalms of Biblical Proportions

Despite loose usage of the term and the tossing about of its diminutive form, “fundamentalist” is not a pejorative: the word was invented by conservative Christians for purposes of self-identification and bears an exact meaning that has only secondarily to do with attitude. I’m well acquainted with the history of this word because it is my interesting fortune to have been raised in one of the small, fractious, separatist, backwater Christian sects that coined it around the turn of the 20th century.


By the time I was born at mid-century, Missionary Baptist churches all over the U.S. South proudly touted their fundamentalist bona fides on the signs that identified them: “Independent – Bible-believing – Fundamental.” While dismissing the historic creeds as the inventions of fallen man, such churches showed not the least hesitation in publishing “statements of faith” (as though “creed” meant something different) sometimes disguised as “church covenants,” and those published statements always included an article such as “We believe the Bible to be the divinely-inspired and wholly inerrant Word of God.” Fundamentalists of the other monotheistic religions hold a similar attitude regarding their various “holy books.” Belief in the divine origin of a “sacred scripture” is essential to fundamentalists of all sects, because it’s the primary premise – often unspoken – in all of their arguments.


What I wish I could say to fundamentalists of all stripes (and wish they could hear me when I say it) is that their foundational premise is false. The Bible is most certainly not the Word of God: it has no more to do with the (alleged) creator of the universe than the Qur’an, the Book of Mormon or the Left Behind series.
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Problems on the Forefront of Physics – Part 2: Dark Matter and Dark Energy

The question “What is the universe made of?” is one of the most fundamental questions one could ask about reality, yet the lack of answers leads to one of the biggest problems in modern astrophysics and cosmology. It would first appear that the observable universe is chiefly composed of matter and energy, right? Well, that’s actually not true at all. Everything we can see, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, every star and every galaxy in the sky, every atom and every photon of energy, constitute roughly five percent of the entirety of the universe. What about the rest? What else is there? Roughly twenty-seven percent is dark matter, and a whopping sixty-eight percent is dark energy. Not a single human on this planet knows what dark matter and dark energy are, unless of course they haven’t told anyone. All we can do at the moment is measure the effects of what we call dark matter and dark energy on the physical universe, and apply these labels to the unknown.

Before we get into the history and details of dark matter, know that the term “dark matter” is a misnomer. We don’t know if what’s causing the observed effects that we call dark matter is actually made of matter (although popular hypotheses suggest that it could be baryonic matter or weakly interacting massive particles), we have no clue what it is. There are observations that we can’t explain, and we call them dark matter. That’s it. We’ll come back to this and go into more detail in just a bit.

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Thank you Stephen Hawking for Telling Everyone What We Already Knew.

I am reminded of a drowning person, reaching, clawing, scratching, and pulling on anything they can to stay afloat, remain in existence, and stay alive. Before you object, I would never stoop so low as to insult the magnificently gifted intellectual know as Steven Hawking, I am talking about the history of religion and its treatment of the innovative scientist.


Take a moment, click over to your browser tabs and open your favorite search engine, go ahead and search for: “Einstein and God”. What you will see is what happens whenever a scientist(s) changes the world, the regions most prevalent religion stakes a claim validating their creation stories and superstitions (case in point: where are the Islamic/Hindu/Buddhist videos claiming one of the greatest minds humanity ever produced).
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