Hate the Faith Not the Faithful

Living in Australia, when you turn on the morning news and you see the words ‘hostage situation’ or ‘gunman’ or ‘terror attack’ floating across the screen the usual response would be to sigh and lament “Oh America, get your shit together…” As we all know, this was not the case yesterday morning. On Monday December 15th we Aussies were rocked with out own terror scare when a lone gunman took hostages in Sydney’s Martin Place in the central business district.

The incident, which was labelled #SydneySiege by the internet lasted from the morning and through the night and ended with most of the 17 hostages being released, however, two innocent lives were lost and along with the life of the gun man, now identified as Man Haron Monis.

So much has already been said in the past 24 hours. A deluge of articles from all directions have surfaced, some promoting tolerance, some defending their intolerance, and others simply begging for calm. The most amazing development has been the show of solidarity within the Australian community in the form of the #illridewithyou tag which shows non-Muslim Australians offering to ride with and stand up for Muslim Australians. It has been an amazing and inspiring display of humanism.

The tag has a dark side to it with many people criticizing #illridewithyou due to their flawed understanding of what it stands for. Many people assume that offering protection and understanding to a fellow human being is somehow showing support for religion, specifically Islam. It’s really not.

I personally support the movement and I hate religion, all religion. I can’t help but think that yesterday’s event may have been totally avoided if Monis did not consider himself under divine guidance. Monis was there for Allah, acting in his name, through directions offered in the Qur’an. If these things did not exist, where would his motivation come from? Perhaps somewhere else if he truly was a lunatic, but if in fact his actions were guided entirely by his faith-based beliefs, it’s safe to say this probably wouldn’t have happened. The families who lost loved ones yesterday would not be grieving and would not have presents under the tree that will never be unwrapped.
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This Court is Now in Session: Christianity Does Daytime Court TV

Case Number 6.6-6: Christianity vs. Objective Reasoning

Plaintiff – Christianity

Defendant – Objective Reasoning

Presiding Judge – Judge Sye Entific Methud

This is a non-jury trial

Plaintiff is required to prove the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The defendant will defend against this supernatural claim.

Judge: Plaintiff, you may proceed.

Christianity: Your honor, we claim that the biblical Jesus was crucified, died, and then rose from the dead 3 days later as stated in the bible.

Judge: What is your evidence to prove this claim?

Christianity: The bible, your honor.

Judge: How so?

Christianity: It is written in the bible that Jesus died, rose from the dead, and that there were witnesses to this account.

Judge: Who were these witnesses?

Christianity: A few women, one named Mary, the apostles, and some others. Also, the Apostle Paul claims a higher number, I believe it was 500.

Judge: Could you provide their full names and their sworn written testimonies to this account?

Christianity: No, we don’t have any full names or sworn testimonies, but later on a man named Paul was knocked off his horse by a vision of God and God told him that this account is true.

Judge: Hold on a minute. These eye witnesses, how do you know that they are not lying or were have been tricked in some way?

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