Hiding Behind a Mask Of Religious Persecution: Deny a Michigan Gay Couple’s Child Medical Treatment

By now most of you reading this have probably already heard about the Michigan Doctor who refused to treat a Lesbian couples young child for medical service. Now lets make one thing clear, she 10897904_10100399546023366_4555240943183328609_nrefused to treat the child, but there were other adequate medical professionals in the building who could treat the child. This is important, as I do not want anyone to feel that I am trying to make a case that this child went without care. The child did get care, but the question of what morals of individuals who hold deep religion beliefs should be upheld verses what is a violation of personal rights and human flourishing of the species.


This story hits croi-slose to home because I live in Michigan; and as an atheist, I feel that the doctors religious beliefs trumps a persons lifestyle choice and their biological sexual orientation. It would follow that they would be able to discriminate against others who do not match their religious fundamentals, which is a slippery slope that could restrict treatment to others or deny it all together.
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Congress Shall Make No Law…

A little over a year ago I ran into the following news item from the land that gave us David Hume and the Scottish Enlightenment: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/parents-outrage-extremist-religious-sect-2254926. I posted it on my Facebook page, thereby precipitating a winding, entertaining, and sometimes heated discussion with a Christian fundamentalist Facebook friend from England. His position is not uncommon, and certainly more prevalent in my country than in his, and for all I know there may be visitors to this blog who, like my friend, would find themselves in sympathy with the headmaster who allowed the proselytizing to take place. So I’d like to enlarge the scope of the conversation to include anyone here who’d care to chime in, with an especially warm invitation extended to any Christian fundamentalists who might happen to be lurking. (Whether you’ll bother to read a TLDR that raises troubling questions is itself a troubling question, of course; besides, in addition to hurling poison darts at your cherished beliefs, I tend to write in compound sentences and sprinkle my prose liberally with semicolons and parenthetical asides. I’m afraid people sometimes find me tedious.)


Church versus StateWhat’s at stake here is a principle that has come to define most of the Western world ever since the Enlightenment, and the consequent composition of the U.S. Constitution: a precious principle that has come under sustained attack during the past few decades by forces on the religious right, both in the U.S. and in a number of European countries. That principle is secularism. Fundamentalist Christians, I’m addressing you in the following paragraphs; atheists and others, I’d be honored to enjoy your company as well if you’re inclined to join me for the ride.


In the interest of helping you understand the position I take on this issue, I’ll ask you to consider the following (if you read the article I linked to above, you’ll understand that I’ve constructed an exact parallel with the soul-saving literature that was distributed at the school in question): suppose your child came home one afternoon carrying a book with a title like, “Why the Book of Mormon is True and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Is the Surest Way to Heaven,” which had been distributed that day to the students at his school. Or perhaps, “Why Islam Is True, the Qur’an Is the Word of God and All Unbelievers Are Destined for Hell.” Would you, committed to your Christian faith as you are, take offense at the proselytizing efforts that Mormons or Muslims had launched in your child’s school? Would you consider it acceptable that they were permitted to do that, or would you find it outrageous and impermissible, a breach of public trust? Would you acquiesce (however grudgingly) in such activities, or would you agitate to have them prohibited? If the latter is the case, then surely you understand why that prohibition should extend also to proselytizing by those who embrace the faith that you happen to espouse.
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Understanding the Rumors of a Christian God

Here at Atheist Analysis we try to bring the most well balanced materials to our viewers. We do not want people to believe without evidence but sometimes we feel it is necessary to entertain ideas that we have already come to a conclusion on. This is what our series Conversations With Christians is all about. Our goal was to provide a safe environment for Christians that allowed them to express what they believed on different topics. We wanted to provide a space where Christians could bring their beliefs and tell us what and why they believe. We feel that by providing them a space to express what they believe that it will give them more courage to question what they believe and why they believe it. We all know this can be beneficial to getting someone started down the path of skepticism and will hopefully challenge them to really own what they believe.

150107CWCWe also want to provide content so that non believers watching will be able to see what it is like to have a positive interaction with people of faith, while learning methods and answers to some of the theists questions. This environment allows for interaction with the Christians so that we not only will be able to have a dialog but will give people some sense of how a conversation could go. While we won’t claim to be more knowledgeable then other skeptics and atheists, we do provide an environment that gives the chance for both sides to provide dialog in a constructive and positive manner.

Our goal with this series is to talk with people of faith, give the atheist viewer entertainment, and a way for both Christians and Atheist to see why a Christian believes what they believe while giving them a platform to talk rationally. If you enjoy this type of education and entertainment please let us know. If you have individuals that you would recommend to our show please contact our Managing Director Christopher Tanner to schedule them. If you are someone of faith and want a place to discuss your beliefs and show atheists why they should believe also email us and let us know.

We would love for more people to get involved in the conversation. We are the positive team that will allow the Christians to make their points but we will provide counter points and questions that will help everyone to think more deeply about their beliefs. Without this close inspection of everyone’s beliefs, how would we be able to grow. Join us tonight as we talk with David Z Stamp and actor and a Libertarian Christian tell us why he still holds onto his beliefs.

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A Year Long Journey Into Pasta & Leaving Atheism Behind

Over the past year, Atheist Analysis has had the pleasure of getting to know a fine young gentleman named Joey Kirkman.  His book Bedtime Bible Stories was a great inspiration for our organization as we looked for tools to provide those in the atheist movement resources to help combat religion.  Joey, who has in recent years identified as an anti-theist, and even skeptic, has taken on another label in hopes of trying on a new religion.  He has recently converted to and become a Pastafarian.  That is right you heard it here, Joey Lee Kirkman has given up being an anti theist and joined the ranks of Pastafarians everywhere. joey8

Many of you may wonder, what is a Pastafarian and what church do they belong to?  According to Joey, Pastafarians are associated with The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  Many of you have probably heard the phrase “rAmen” or “praise his noodly appendage” before, but now they are associated with this new religion.  The website claims they have been officially around since 2005, but have existed for many years out of sight.  On first look, we see that they claim to be a legitimate religion and that they feel they deserve the same respect that Christianity does.  They have a sacred text, a “god”, and a belief system structured around what they feel was given to them from the prophet Bobby Henderson.  The one thing that struck me as odd is their only tenant that they require for everyone to follow.

“By design, the only dogma allowed in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is the rejection of dogma. That is, there are no strict rules and regulations, there are no rote rituals and prayers and other nonsense. Every member has a say in what this church is and what it becomes.”

They then go on to provide a few general comments about their beliefs.

  1. We believe pirates, the original Pastafarians, were peaceful explorers and it was due to Christian misinformation that they have an image of outcast criminals today
  2. We are fond of beer
  3. Every Friday is a Religious Holiday
  4. We do not take ourselves too seriously
  5. We embrace contradictions (though in that we are hardly unique)
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Have Some of The Newsboys Turned Atheist?

The Newsboys, an Australian Christian Rock band that started in the 1980’s and has received national success within the Christian Rock Scene.  They are responsible for the most recent hit off the sound track God‘s Not Dead and were an intricate part of many children of the late 80’s and 90’s as they were a clean and wholesome group that promoted god through their lyrics and their lives.  But what if we told you that even a band that spent years within the main stream Christian industry has a founding member that was now an Atheist?  That probably would not surprise many of you because most atheists have at least heard of a christian leaving religion and becoming an atheist if not experienced that themselves.  The motives are always different and the story only slightly similar as many atheist have a different story to tell.


Tonight we will be talking George Perdikis, one of the original founding members of The Newsboys group.  We will get to talk with him about why he left the Newsboys, what he has been doing since, and what happens within the Christian Music scene.  He will graciously share his story about leaving the faith.  George also comes to us with some Christian Music Industry experience.  He has a story to tell about the industry and how it has morphed into a money machine that is similar to the secular industries.  We will learn George’s thoughts on what needs to change, and will help to take an inside look into an industry that more and more Christians are leaving.

Lastly tonight, we will talk with Matthew Facciani about the Science behind Religious Belief .  As a Neuroscience major, his expertise will show us why we are drawn towards religion and a more scientific way to counter beliefs.  He will give us a 30 minute presentation that will challenge everyone about on how we talk to people of faith and if there is better methods than what we are currently using.

Do not miss this episode as it is full of incite, wonder, and science.  Below is the links to watch it live or at your convenience.  We have a chat room right on our site so you can join our page and chat with everyone who is watching.  Please share this with your friends.  Comment below or message ChristopherTanner@atheistanalysis.com with ideas, suggestions, and your thoughts.

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Godless Offering 12: The War On Christmas

Part 1 – Billboards and Their Meaning


Danielle Muscato the PR Director for American Atheists talks about what the billboard says and what it means to American Atheists. This is an important video to share with you friends as it is straight from the mouth of the organization that put up the billboard.


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Live Debate Sunday! Should Abortion Be Legal with Trent Horn & Jonathan Brotherton

Atheist Analysis S03 E13: Should abortion remain legal? Catholic Apologist Trent Horn VS Jonathan Brotherton

Should abortion remain legal?


This will be a LIVE DEBATE between Trent Horn and Jonathan Brotherton. They will be debating whether Abortion should remain legal. Jonny will be taking the affirmative while Trent will take the negative stance. Do not miss this debate as it will be a lively debate and we will have audience participation at the end of the show.

If you would like more information about Trent Horn please refer to the following links. http://trenthorn.com/ and http://www.catholic.com/profiles/trent-horn

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Atheistmix: Helping Godless People Find Guilt Free Relationships

As a person in a committed relationship for the better part of a decade I found myself taken back by a query we received on the Atheist Analysis Facebook page.  “Where are the Atheist and Agnostic dating sites?”  With the commonality of internet dating and digital matchmaking stamped for approval by a giant holy symbol of torture and oppression we see Christian Mingle like sites leaking from new digital billboards and computer screens.  Yet when we ask for a site for our group labels like strident, elitist, hateful, and heretical are thrown about like grenades at a suicide party.  Well with my full support I will now let a new friend and hopefully successful entrpreneur tell you, if you are looking or are just interested in spreading the word, about a page for us, a site for us, and a place where judgement is waived in the humane search for that perfect person.  -Deafilosophy-

So without further ado I introduce a new friend:

My name is Justin and I would like to introduce myself. I am a young entrepreneur working on my own startup company. It is called the http://www.theatheistmix.com/ and I’ve been working very hard on it. It is a dating site for atheist and agnostic people. I created this site because as an atheist I know it can be difficult in the dating world. I’ve had a hard time coming out as an atheist in my very religious family and community. My family is southern Baptist and I grew up in a very religious atmosphere. So I know there may be few like minded people around.

I created this site to find other like minded single people and for it to be a haven not have to worry about friends or family finding out your views if you wish to keep them secret. Or just eliminate that awkward moment on a date when you are asked about your religious background. With the help of my friends here at Atheist Analysis I am writing this to promote this site to the people and offer a safe place for atheist and agnostic single people to meet. It is very cheap and free to start! This isn’t about money, it is about letting other atheist and agnostic people know that we are not alone as I have been an atheist since 2007 and know the difficulties myself.

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Not Safe For Life (NSFL): What Happens When Religion Influences Medicine

As I have hinted at in previous articles, particularly my article on why atheists are sometimes angry, when religion mixes with reality, bad things can happen. This is very much true in the realm of medicine. Whether it be faith healing or denying blood transfusions, religion can often have a very negative effect on one’s health when its narrative is accepted over one based on science and evidence.This can be no more clear in a recent case of women seeking compensation from the Irish government for harm caused by an alternative to the caesarian section known as the symphysiotomy.

A symphysiotomy is essentially an alternative of the more common caesarian section for pregnancies in which women cannot give birth in a safe manner. Basically, it involves breaking or sawing a woman’s pelvis in half, so that the baby has more room to come out for women giving birth. It is reported to be a very painful, and can have long lasting negative consequences for both the woman and the fetus involved. It was developed in the late eighteenth century, but quickly fell out of favor due to dismal results. However, Ireland continued to use the procedure well into the 1980s.
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10 Ways to Remain a Fundamentalist Christian

1. Don’t read this list.

This list quite obviously highlights those areas of fundamentalist Christianity I find to be problematic in today’s society with all of its knowledge and freedoms. Consider this a friendly warning – many of the items on this list hint at those factors which led to my own ‘fall from grace’.

2. When reading the bible, read only those portions mentioned by your pastor the previous Sunday -or- read only the bible verses assigned for the current date in a “read the entire bible in a year” program.

Pastors are quite unlikely to mention those portions of the bible that may seem ethically, or logically… unfortunate. The cold-blooded slaughter of the Midianites excluding, of course, the virginal girls; the production of patterned offspring in cattle brought on by placing streaked sticks in the water troughs of copulating flocks; or the God initiated mauling of children by bears for the unpardonable sin of teasing (Numbers 31:7-17, Genesis 30:37-39, and 2 Kings 2:23-24 respectively) rarely make up the bulk of a sermon or bible study. Pastors are also adept at placing each bible verse in the proper denominational context to prevent accidental individual analysis. If accomplished as intended, this context will feed your faith while starving any doubts or conflicts you may be harboring.
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