Freedom to Discriminate

© Jordan Francis Patrick Smith

Freedom of/from religion was a beautiful idea, supposed to rid the world of idiotic shamanism and inspire scepticism, or at best a move towards deism.


Sadly, the beauty of an idea is only as great as its safeguards. None of which were put in place; therefore freedom of religion or non-religion led to privatised preaching. The uneducated were sold lies by richer charlatans who not only had freedom to say whatever bigoted or outdated thing they professed to believe, but had tax incentives to boot. The hole left by deregulation was filled by the very thing the country stood against. Now the U.S. is arguably one of the most religious countries in the world. Regarding deregulation you only need to look at the banking crisis of recent years; the free reign of children for priests in the church; the misuse of billions by right-wing Christians in the U.S. taken from pious believers ; All of this possible when regulatory powers are taken away from higher bodies.


This recent misuse of freedom has resulted in anti-gay laws in the U.S. Obviously nothing new, the U.S. has always had some sort of anti-homosexual tendencies, from the ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ armed forces attitude, to the mental disorder diagnosed to gays in the U.S. until 1974; truly disgusting.


These laws are different; in Indiana (and other states that have began to follow suit) companies are placing signs in their front windows proclaiming ‘No admission to Gays’, ‘No Gays allowed’, or my favourite of the bunch – a rainbow symbolising the LGBT community with a red X through it. (who puts an X through a rainbow? I mean really?)
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Conservative Christians Dream of Theocracy

In our current age of the 21st century, it is commonplace to hear the slogan “America is a Christian nation” chanted by conservative Christians. That particular rightist misconception, albeit a discerning and ridiculous one, is not surprising since the majority on that side of the political spectrum are also prone to rejecting evolution and global warming (they seem to be consistently and fundamentally incorrect about the foundations of reality itself, in most cases).


American Prohibition Flag design ca 1915Recently, members of the Republican Party in Idaho drafted a resolution which would have their state specifically declared a Christian state.” Various supporters of the resolution went on to detail how the resolution reflected Thomas Jefferson’s and James Madison’s Christian principles that originally helped establish our nation.


But if this is a Christian nation to begin with, why are rightists always trying to slowly but surely make it one by drafting such resolutions in the first place? And why do 57% of Republicans want to make Christianity the national religion if this is already a Christian nation?
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A Nation Smothered by God: Paranoid Musings and Late Night Fears.

As I sit here enjoying the benefits bequeathed unto me from a first world birth I cannot help but feel something is wrong. Something big is moving in the shadows, just beyond the yellow haze of the back yard spotlights, a pair of eyes glow, no pupils, and teeth, teeth climbing the jagged upward curl of what could only be called an overconfident snarl… I can feel it, just outside the blue-green glow of the LCD universe here in middle America, just pulling at the cords, the sound of its fingers sliding and creaking as they close; somewhere I hear dripping sounds. It wants so dearly to pull those thin ethernet cables, to bend them over like a garden hose and stop the cascading ones and zeros; if it could only control the flow it could stop the little thing in my mind from feeding, the little thing that knows its there, it could finally kill it.
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Is the American Tragedy of 9/11 a Valid Excuse to Force Religion on Non-Believers?

This was not a rare find. The twin towers were made up of hundreds of these cross-beams.

How is religion the answer to religion? 13 years after the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York a piece of rubble from ground zero is still being debated. The piece in question is a cross beam that has been placed in the 9/11 museum. Recently a federal appeals court tossed out a lawsuit from American Atheists contesting the cross beams entry into the museum unless there was equal representation for Atheists and other non-religious people who died in the attacks on 9/11. The arguments for the cross beam staying in the museum are that it is a historical symbol used by some first responders to increase their faith as they searched for survivors. The court also stated that the cross-beam is a secular piece (even though a cross is the definitive symbol of the Christian faith). The panel also noted, “That the Rev. Brian Jordan, a Franciscan priest, welcomed all faiths to a Mass he held regularly at the cross during the rescue effort. Jordan was one of the defendants named in the suit.”
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S.E Cupp the “Atheist”

I should have known this would happen. For many years I have seen liars and trolls on message boards and comment sections claiming they too were once atheists who had finally seen the light. A cheap yet cunning ploy to give doubt to any secularist, this type of dishonesty you would only expect from a believer. So I should have known that with evolution (You know evolution, it’s that fact Christians don’t like) the next step would naturally be a satirical and anthropomorphised version, a troll 2.0 if you will. And here we have it.

S. E. Cupp or Sarah Elizabeth as her parents call her – Always be suspicious of someone with two first names, it shows a hereditary inability to make simple decisions, you know, like choosing if you believe in God or not.

It almost sounds like 2.0 wouldn’t be out of place after her name; and the way she robotically agrees with her Fox news counterparts on nearly every subject, shows she also plays the part very well. I wonder how long it will take until she gets her theist operating system downgrade.

I know I am not the first to say it (thanks Jaclyn Glenn – you couldn’t wait a few more weeks could you) but I won’t be the last, this woman is not an atheist.

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